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React Native
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Developing a mobile application with Codempire means 100% confidence in security, smart budgeting, transparent terms of cooperation, and outstanding results. We have compiled the best technology stack for you, and chosen a cost and time-optimizing methodology. From expert consulting to product launch - we’ll use all our expertise and experience to bring your idea to success.

Our services

  • Gaming apps

    Our React Native development company can implement simple indie games without complex 3D animations and mechanics. Speaking about our experience, we’ve developed a game for Avid Adventures and a Potato Math app. These were simulation games with user interfaces, admin dashboards, quizzes, online game modes, an assessment and rating system, a progress tracking function, and in-game purchases.

  • Business apps

    If you need to implement a B2B application, experts from Codempire are ready to help. We have sufficient knowledge and experience to develop e-commerce applications, marketplaces, Trello-type applications. We have already dealt with software of any scale and complexity, including sophisticated admin systems with access levels, customization and marketing tools, and various interactive components.

  • Educational apps

    Our specialists provide React Native application development services for career simulators, educational applications for children, multi-platform products of an international scale. User interface, progress tracking, gamification, online learning, quizzes, reward system, advanced admin panel with functions for customizing the educational process - we will gladly do it for your e-learning idea.

  • Lifestyle apps

    All wellness and fitness applications are within the power of our specialists. We have already developed similar software, for example, our Declare project.Pedometer, altimeter, water balance tracker, diets diary with access to the largest database of products by barcode; sleep tracker, meditation features - we can implement all this into your application. And for more user engagement, we will add a community function and a reward system for achieved body or nutrition goals.

  • Entertainment apps

    We can satisfy your request for the implementation of entertainment applications. Apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram - all this, our team of specialists can implement. Community functions with chats, video calls, filters for photos and videos, built-in tools for editing media materials, advanced admin system, multifunctional user interface - all these functions can be implemented by Codempire programmers for your product.

  • Travel apps

    We can develop solutions for both b-to-b and b-to-c models of any scale and complexity. These can be applications for hotel management, with functions such as self-booking rooms, chatbot for voice booking, or aggregators, ticket-buying apps with price comparison, advanced search engine, alerts, pop-ups, and offers based on the user's previous purchases solutions.

Why do we recommend React Native


All applications built by our React Native mobile app development company have been implemented using this technology. It has shown its undeniable advantages both in terms of technical aspects, saving time, and in terms of optimizing funds, namely: 1) React Native enables hybrid development when a single code base is developed and used for all platforms, which allows a product to be launched to the market faster; 2) Excellent community support, which means the presence of a large number of qualified specialists and the absence of technical problems - since there are a lot of freely available ready-made solutions; 3) With this technology, you can quickly start the implementation process, and the application itself will have an outstanding performance; 4) React is a relatively simple to study technology, and specialists who know React can easily switch to work with React Native, which reduces problems with lack of resources.

ReactNative vs Native development

React Native is a better decision for app implementation than Native. The main argument is the ability of cross-platform development. First, since the codebase is reusable, you don’t need to hire coders to implement the application separately for each platform. Secondly, by the same logic, building an application for Android and iOS at the same time is much faster.

ReactNative vs Web

Why do we recommend React Native app development services instead of building web apps? The main reason is performance quality. Progressive Web Application is essentially a website created using CSS, HTML, Javascript. It looks and works like a mobile application but doesn’t interact with the native modules of the phone. As a result, such a product will run slower than an application made using React Native.

Products built with React Native

Technology stack


  • Redux

  • MobX

  • Expo

  • React Native Elements

  • Lottie-web

  • React Native Material UI

Tools & Utilities

  • React Native Camera

  • Storybook

  • React Native Audio

  • React Native Maps

  • React Native Video

  • React Push Notifications

Our work models

Dedicated team

Dedicated team model is the most convenient to use due to its flexibility, the ability to discuss and make adjustments to the development process on the fly. Moreover, this model stands out for its affordability.

  • The most optimized budgeting;

  • Fully customizable team;

  • You’re free to make adjustments 24/7.

Fixed price

According to this collaboration model, our React Native app development company takes all risks upon itself. Our discovery specialists provide organizational consulting, provide clear timeframes and budget estimates. We also form the team, and the client tracks the process during demo meetings.

  • All the risks are our concern;

  • Clear time frame and accurate budgeting;

  • A free estimate from the project team.

Our react development company working flow

  1. 1. Digital consulting

    React Native app development services from our agency start with providing digital consulting. Our discovery specialists schedule an organizational call with the customer, during which they consider his business idea in detail, determine its target audience and target regions. Then they provide a market and competitors analysis to determine the project’s growth zones and form a preliminary estimate of the development budget and time frames. Based on the work carried out, experts form documentation. Further implementation process will be built according to its data.
  2. 2. Work on requirements

    When you decide to continue cooperation with our react development company, we generate documentation that specifies the exact requirements, a setlist of features, methodology and stack selection, and other technical aspects. Further work and development will be based on these documents.
  3. 3. UX/UI stage

    This is where the work of our UI / UX engineers begins. They will create an intuitive, up-to-date design and prototyping - so that both the client and the development team get a preliminary idea of the future product. In addition, it broadens the prospects for funding from investors.
  4. 4. Development

    This stage requires a well-established client-team communication, optimizing technology stack, and an effective methodology. Our company has already formed a stack for mobile development based on React Native technology. It ensures good development speed, reusability, and high quality of the code. Thus, it is possible to achieve an optimal price-quality ratio.
  5. 5. Quality control

    To be sure that the application is working correctly, we conduct phased testing of the product at all levels of its implementation. Our QA engineers apply combined testing, including writing units, E2E tests, manual regression testing. So you can rest assured of the app's performance.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Our React Native mobile app development company uses the best methodology, namely for the deployment process. The CI/CD approach is quite helpful here since it allows instant team-client communication. The customer is informed of all changes immediately, can track all development processes, quickly add adjustments if needed.

Why our React Native mobile app development services

  • Code review

    The code review culture helps to avoid serious problems on projects and to instantly improve employees’ skill level. Developers regularly review each other's code, which ensures continuous development and exchange of experience within the team.

  • Team

    Codempire team consists of experienced full-stack developers. All of them are middle and senior-level specialists, capable to work with both React and React Native technologies.

  • Rich Expertise

    Our React Native development firm has more than 5 years of experience with React Native projects, during this time we have completed more than 50 projects from different countries, including the USA, Sweden, Britain, Bolivia, Cyprus, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, and Denmark.

  • Smart Launch

    Thanks to the rich expertise and proficiency, our agency thoroughly knows the rules for publishing at iOS and Android platforms and will help you anticipate errors and pitfalls associated with launching applications.

  • Smart budgeting

    In order to optimize the React Native development service cost for the customer without loss of quality, we have worked out several models of cooperation and provided product owners with a choice, have formed a methodology that saves time, as well as ensure seamless communication. In addition, we only use versed technologies and frameworks to optimize costs.

  • Code style

    A single code style maintenance allows us to achieve a high-quality codebase, make it elegant, well-understandable, and easy to reuse. So, the client receives software with excellent performance, easily changeable and scalable.

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Which is better to develop - mobile app or PWA?

A progressive web application is a good solution if you have, for example, a strictly limited time frame and cannot wait for publication on mobile platforms. However, if there are no such circumstances, it’s better to opt for a mobile application using React Native. It will save you from problems with animation rendering, interacting with native phone modules, and help to provide a better user experience.

Does your React Native app development company work with startups?

Yes! We provide React Native mobile app development services for different projects - from tiny solutions for the local market to innovative international cross-platform educational software. Many large projects started with modest MVPs, and we continue to cooperate with them, providing scaling, bug fixing, and testing. Codempire specialists can do the same for you.

Is React Native suitable if I plan an enterprise-level app?

Of course! One of the main advantages of React Native is that you don’t need a detailed plan of the project scale in advance. This technology is excellent for both small software and large-scale projects. Moreover, it’s flexible enough to evolve an application from a tiny startup to an industry giant. No matter how you decide to modify your solution - thanks to React Native, it will be possible.

What are the pros of hybrid development?

The hybrid development capability is the main advantage of React Native technology. It allows saving money and time almost twice compared to native development. You don’t need to hire two different teams and wait until the software is completed separately for iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to code reusability, software development becomes much easier and you’ll not face a lack of resources, because you need half the number of developers.

How do you ensure safety?

Codempire - it’s an efficient React Native web development company, experienced enough to ensure 100% reliable project security. We apply all needed DRM technologies, such as End-to-End Encryption, online authentication, watermarking, access control, and use only secure components for your software.

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