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Our e-learning app development company will help you to conquer the educational market! E-Learning app development services by Codempire it's only proven technologies, 100% effective methodology, optimized costs, and meticulous quality control - we do Mobile and Web development with knowledge and love for it.

What e-learning products can we develop for you?


As an experienced e-learning app development company, we know how to make a good LMS system - whether it is a classic program with courses and a payment system, or a more complex custom product with extended functionality.

Cloud-based LMS

Completely secure, reliably protected against cyber attacks Cloud, literally unlimitedly expandable, which adjusts to the number of users. This opens up endless opportunities for the development of the project for you.

Diverse learning tools

Online conferences, tutorials, chats, linking video and audio resources - we can easily implement all this and much more so that users can learn in an entertaining way!

Apps for children

We already have experience in creating educational software for children - from simpler counting apps to more complex career ladder emulators. So we know what your little users need and how to implement it.

Best visual solution

Children are not as consciously interested in learning as adults, and this is where the successful implementation of the project’s visual side comes in handy. Intuitive, bright, and interactive design from our UI / UX specialists will make your application attractive to the youngest students!

Learning by playing

Any gamification models - from built-in mini-games to more complex learning and career simulations - we know from our own experience how to implement them into your application so that children learn, play, and enjoy.

Language learning app

Such products remain relevant, but a simple vocabulary is not enough to outperform competitors in this area. Therefore, we offer more functionally complex software with solutions that increase user engagement and motivation.

Sync with third-party resources

The feature of adding media materials, such as videos with subtitles, increases user engagement in learning.

Incentive system

We can design a reward and goal system for your product using tools such as reminders and alerts, ratings, special achievements, and a save & track progress feature.

Career emulator

This type of educational software is rapidly gaining popularity. Our company has all the necessary knowledge and experience to create an outstanding, non-tech application with complex admin panel elements and advanced functionality.

Custom settings

A powerful admin panel that allows the teachers to control the gameplay to the smallest detail, as well as save its results with subsequent assessment and discussion in a special chat.

User account

The built-in system of achievements makes it possible for the user to improve his character by buying an improvement for virtual currency.

Top-notch features we can develop for your educational product

User’s profile

Our expertise allows us to develop applications with accounts of varying complexity, equipping them with such features as storing information about a profile, tracking a character's game progress, and the ability to improve it, including through in-app purchases.


Our online learning app development agency already has experience in developing products for children’s education. So we know very well how important gamification is and how to work with it. Any features from counting mini-games to challenging career simulators - be sure, none of this is a problem for our engineers!

Real time learning

Codempire has the creation of a large-scale application under its belt. It was a game played by tens of thousands of students in real-time. So we have the expertise in this area that we will happily apply to your project!


Our developers are skilled in creating community chats with various additional features - such as the ability to share achievements and attach media files from third-party sources.

Various payment models

We can equip your educational product with any monetization functions, and also ensure perfect synchronization with all existing payment systems (linking a bank card, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc).

Unconditional availability

Our elearning app developers are able to create software that works equally perfectly on any platform, mobile or desktop, iOS/Android devices, online or offline! Тhus, your users will have uninterrupted access to knowledge, under any circumstances.

Working flow

  1. 1. MVP Consulting

    Cooperation with our elearning app development firm usually starts with an organizational call. Its goal is to get a rough idea of the future product, the approximate timing of its implementation, and the main milestones of the e-learning web development process. And besides, we clarify the terms of cooperation with technical partners. Result: you get a free base estimate and preliminary distribution of app development for milestones.
  2. 2. Requirements

    The next step is to take a closer look at the project. You, together with our experts, consider the specification of the product development, define the must-have and additional features, and get acquainted with the methodology and approaches that will be used when building your startup. Result: the documentation defining the technical characteristics of the project has been generated.
  3. 3. UI/UX stage

    Based on the documentation obtained in the previous phase, our specialists begin to work on the product’s design and create an interactive prototype for you. This will give you an accurate understanding of how the product will look and work, and will also help attract investors. Result: you get a working interactive prototype as a preliminary tangible work result and a tool for raising funds.
  4. 4. Development

    To make the work as well-coordinated, timely, and well-controlled by the customer as possible, our e-learning application development company uses the Scrum approach. This means that the team works in sprints, planning each one and discussing what has been done with the client - in order to analyze possible shortcomings and prevent them in further stages of e-learning website development. This way we avoid delays and you can participate in the discussion by correcting our work. Result: you get a complete base code and a ready-to-run project.
  5. 5. Quality control

    Then the testers get down to business. After the development phase, the project goes through all the necessary testing stages: manual testing and E2E tests, as well as writing unit and regression testing. Result: you receive documentation containing all the technical specifications of the product.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Thanks to the CI / CD approach that we use at all stages of software development, the client is always aware of all changes and progress, and it is not difficult for us to maintain live communication with him. And after the launch of the project, we don’t end our cooperation but continue to work with the same approach - remaining available for suggestions and requests for scaling the project, fixing bugs, and adding new features. Result: readymade e-learning solutions are available for end-users.

Tech Stack


  • React.js

  • ReactNative

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Gatsby.js

  • GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • TypeScript

  • StyledComponents

Case Studies

Get a free expert estimate of your project

Just contact us - specialists from our e-learning development company will consider your business idea, give a preliminary assessment of the project, help you define a must-have set of features, and also suggest tools to bypass competitors and conquer the market!

Why Codempire

  • Versed team

    Our work speaks for itself: we work with customers with whom we have gone from developing a modest startup to a huge international project that is of interest to commercial and government organizations around the world, including such developed countries as the USA and Singapore.

  • Smart budgeting

    Our clients are not familiar with such problems as hidden charges, delays, overpayments. Instead, they enjoy e-learning app development services with a perfect price-performance ratio. And all this is due to a well-thought-out pricing policy, clear deadlines, competent estimates, a scrum approach that provides the client with the ability to control the entire process of e-learning software development.

  • Over-the-top tech

    In all our projects we use React Native - the most effective and profitable technology for today. Its secret is that it allows for hybrid development, which means you don't have to hire 2 teams to get your product to work on different platforms. This saves budget and time without sacrificing quality.

  • Unlimited scaling

    All projects implemented by Сodempire are open to expansion, flexible, and easily transformable. All these thanks to a careful selection of the tech stack and a single code style, which are very relevant for our specialists.

  • Pro developers

    The team is very important to us, so we carefully select candidates and do our best so that they continuously develop professionally and strive to improve their performance. Therefore, your business ideas are implemented purely by high-skill middle and senior software engineers.

  • 24/7 support

    The work on the project does not end after the deployment! We successfully cooperate with technical partners after the launch of their product: we provide support, bug fixing, and also help to scale the finished software, equip it with new features and capabilities.

What customers say

Our Awards

Top rated company on Upwork

Top 150 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine by Clutch


Do you build e-learning projects, that are suitable for startups?

Sure! It doesn't matter whether your business idea is large-scale or modest - we will help lead it to a successful launch! We already have experience in developing an e-learning startup, which has now been expanded to a large international project and which we continue to support and expand.

How much does it cost to develop an eLearning app?

It depends on how ambitious your idea is, and how advanced functionality your product might have. Our experts are ready to help with a preliminary estimate - feel free to contact us and ask any questions!

How much time does it take to develop an eLearning app?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the production of MVP can take from several months to a year, and further development takes place based on the client's request - we have been helping to maintain and improve some projects for several years.

What information do you need to provide a project estimate?

The initial project estimate is based on the technical documentation and design. We usually discuss all these aspects at the first organizational call with a client, and this service is absolutely free.

What about safety and confidentiality?

You can rely on our e-learning mobile app development firm! We have excellent expertise: encryption, online authentication, access control, watermarking - all these DRM technologies are well known to us, and we’ll use them to protect your educational content from plagiarism and theft.

What technologies are better to use for e-learning app?

Our elearning app development company has its own verified technologies, which have repeatedly proved their effectiveness in the successful implementation of our partners' projects. Our tech stack is well thought out and perfectly configured so that you can optimize your budget without sacrificing quality in development. At the same time, the finished project remains flexible to scaling, revision, and changes, allowing you to expand your client base almost unlimitedly.

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