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Build or boost your business with an outstanding fitness app by Codempire. Fitness app development services by Codempire it's only proven technologies, 100% effective methodology, optimized costs, and meticulous quality control - we do Mobile development with knowledge and love for it.

Our solutions for every type of product

Activity trackers

These wellness apps are designed as services for tracking activity levels with healthy lifestyle development as a goal.

Top features

Thanks to market analysis and good experience, our company can develop the most requested features for your wellness applications, from the simplest ones like the calorie counter to the more complex ones with chats, community, custom workout settings, etc.

Perfect sync

A responsible approach for wellness and fitness app development in our agency as well as control throughout the entire process, which are perfect solutions to avoid problems associated with pairing different devices. So, all the functions of your application work correctly and smoothly.

Nutrition and diet apps

This type of application works as a meal tracker for customers and can also serve as a supplementary tool to maintain proper water balance.

Product database

One of our wellness app development services is an integration of your nutrition app with three-party providers to access their vast food base. So, it will be easy for users to add calories using a QR code, which has already been assigned data on calorie content and nutritional value.


To keep users engaged, we can develop something like a built-in forum - where people can share their progress, communicate, exchange advice and useful information.

Yoga & Meditation Apps

We can say that development of this service is similar to a workout app in many ways, with the difference that the main point of such software is to have a beneficial effect also on the mental health of the user.

Dream design

Our UI / UX specialists create an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use, at the same time relevant and stylish design - so that your product stands out favorably among competitors.

Music app integration

To keep users engaged in doing sports, our fitness app developers can provide integration of the app with the users' favorite music from applications like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, etc.

Workout apps

This is something like a personal trainer on your phone: a training system is created for the user depending on the goal. That is why workout app development services imply more advanced functionality.

Custom training system

Our fitness trainer app developers can equip your software with the ability to create a custom training regime - if the user wants to improve a specific part of the body, for example, work on endurance, strengthen the back, achieve more volume in the hands, etc.

Flawless work on any platform

Each fitness mobile app developer in Сodempire is a proficient software engineer who has experience with all known platforms including iOs and Android, which, coupled with a well-thought-out tech stack, eliminates the likelihood of problems with the launch of the product on any systems and devices.

What features do we offer for your product

Nutrition planner

Our health and fitness app developers can equip your software with a calorie counter, the setlist of the healthy meal plans, and provide access to a food database.

Sleep Tracking

This tracker is applicable for applications related to wearable devices. We can supplement it with functions of monitoring the quality, duration, and cycle of sleep, with the ability to set goals, sleep alerts, and retrospective charts.

User profiles

The software engineers from our company are well qualified in gym application development and can work with accounts of various complexity, with gamification, community, achievements, and saving progress.


This function is common for fitness trackers and usually comes along with services of geolocation tracking and an altimeter. We can provide an experienced workout app developer to ensure good sync with wearable devices and calorie counters.

Training programs list

Thanks to their good expertise, our technicians can supply your product with balanced and composed training plans, a variety of exercises, and reminders to avoid users skipping workouts.

Reminders and notifications

We can develop a quality alert system for your gym app that can replace the services of a personal trainer - reminding users of missed workouts, giving them recommendations for exercises and nutrition. And besides, it will help to monetize your startup (for example, if you use the freemium model).

Working flow

  1. 1. MVP Consulting

    It all starts with an organization call, during which you and our wellness application development company will consider a future project, define the main features of the development process, the timing of the project, and the terms of cooperation. Result: you get an approximate estimate of the tasks and distribute the fitness app development to the milestones.
  2. 2. Requirements for the structure

    At this stage of application development, our company and the client define the software specification (workout, fitness, yoga, nutrition, etc.), what will be the basic and additional features, methodology, and working approaches. Result: formation of technical specifications in the form of documentation.
  3. 3. UX / UI stage

    Based on the documentation generated in the previous stage, work on the UI / UX side begins. As a result of this stage of fitness app development, the client receives from our company an interactive prototype of the future product to have an accurate idea of the functionality, project design, as well as the opportunity to attract good investments if it is a startup. Result: an interactive prototype for fundraising.
  4. 4. Development

    This is where the construction of the project begins. In our company wellness application development is carried out using the Scrum approach by working in sprints. With such a three-stage development, regular calls, careful planning, and analysis, the client is always aware of what is happening and can make adjustments if necessary. Result: The client receives a ready-made code base and a working fitness product.
  5. 5. Quality control

    The next phase after development is testing. Specialists in our wellness application development company carry out it in a comprehensive manner, including manual testing, writing Unit, and E2E tests, and also regression testing. Result: formation of technical specifications in the form of documentation.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Implementing mobile products engineers from our gym application development company always use CI / CD. This avoids human errors, as well as immediately submitting the work results for client approval. If it was successful, the finished product is launched into production, and our specialists continue to stay in touch, providing support, bug fixing, and project scaling. Result: Wellness application is available for end-user.

Tech stack


  • React.js

  • ReactNative

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Gatsby.js

  • GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • TypeScript

  • StyledComponents

Case Studies

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Market and consumer analysis, definition of value-centered features, digital consulting - our wellness application development company will provide you with all this - just contact us!

6 reasons to choose our developers

  • Versed partner

    Codempire is an experienced health and fitness app development company. Under the belt of our developers are several large-scale applications in the field of wellness and fitness.

  • Proficient team

    Your software is developed by the best middle and senior specialists.

  • Skilled developers

    Our fitness app developers have experience with mobile and web products for different platforms (IOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fitness trackers).

  • Optimizing technology

    The basic technology used by our company is React Native. Thanks to it, the development of your workout application for 2 platforms at once (iOS and Android) has become possible. This smart business solution eliminates the need to hire 2 separate teams.

  • Budget value

    No hidden charges, unforeseen costs, or overpayments. Codempire provides a wellness & gym app development services with an optimal price-quality ratio: perfect value for money, a clear budget plan, straight deadlines, and control throughout the entire process of building a web or mobile app - everything to avoid unpleasant surprises related to funding.

  • 24/7 support

    Our company provides support for your wellness application both during development and after release. In this way, we have already helped our technical partners turn a promising startup into a large international project.

What customers say

Our Awards

Top rated company on Upwork

Top 150 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine by Clutch


How to calculate the cost of developing a fitness app?

The cost of developing a fitness application depends, firstly, on the complexity of the functional system of the application - the more features, the more complex the organization of the app, the more expensive the development services will be; secondly, whether it will be a cross-platform product - it is more expensive, but it will make your business higher than your competitors, increase the potential number of users; and thirdly, the price depends on the country from which you are hiring a fitness app development company, as well as on the current market prices for building software.

How can I take control of product development?

Codempire, as a responsible fitness app development agency, practices continuous communication with the customer, regular video calls, and a scrum approach - no milestone will be completed without your participation and approval. And you can also make adjustments during the product creation process.

Can I use your services after implementing the application?

Yes! We provide fitness app development services, as well as support for fitness apps, their scaling, and bug fixing.

How can I monetize my app?

There are 4 main ways to make money from your fitness app. The first is to charge users when downloading the app. The second is to make the application itself free, but include additional functions or extra information in it, inviting users to buy it separately. The third - the so-called freemium model - when downloading the application is free, as in the previous example, but there is an opportunity for a user to purchase an extra package of services for a one-time fee. Finally, you can monetize your wellness product through advertising and sponsored content.

How much time does the fitness app development take?

Simple applications with minimal functionality like activity trackers can be developed in less than 1000 hours. As for the applications that are richer in functionality, the terms here strongly depend on the number and complexity of the features and the scale of the software itself. And, of course, it also depends on the expertise of the workout application development company you have chosen - the more qualified the team is involved in your project, the less problems and delays there will be.

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