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Project Key Facts

Industry: Health Care, Marketplace, Telemedicine

Team size: 4 engineers

Cooperation: July 2019 - November 2020

Platform: Web


Web - React.js, TypeScript, React Hooks API, Styled Components

Backend - Node.js, Nest.js MongoDB, AWS


About the Client

Tumedico is a healthcare startup from Bolivia. The purpose of its creation was to help patients and doctors organize an appointment as soon as possible, without face-to-face contact, queues, and unnecessary formalities.

The Challenge

1. Lack of similar solutions in the region

Working on the startup idea, the customer faced a lack of similar solutions in Bolivia. This gave an advantage for promoting the future product on the market.

2. Due to COVID-19, it was impossible to visit doctors in the field of mental health

Covid-19 has imposed its restrictions on the usual way of life. This affected not only everyday life but also business, including in the field of medicine. Due to the limited ability to communicate with each other, there was an urgent need to provide patients and doctors with tools for online communication. This problem has become especially acute in the field of mental health.

3. Patient appointment automation for doctors and clinics

Clinics and private doctors have had to deal with paperwork, confusion, and discomfort, using traditional tools for keeping records of patients and organizing appointments (such as notes, timetable calendars, etc.). This took a lot of time, caused delays, and made life difficult for both medical workers and their clients.

The Solution

Healthcare project for Bolivia based client | Codempire

1. Online Doctor Search Platform

We have created a convenient platform for quickly finding doctors. With its help, you can select a doctor by specialization or symptoms; learn more about it by reading reviews, and quickly make an appointment online. The software is equally comfortable to use both on the web and a mobile device.

2. Telemedicine

To provide people with the opportunity to receive medical advice in a pandemic, it was necessary to implement the function of telemedicine.

To this end, we have conducted a thorough analysis of the technology, as a result of which we opted for Zoom. Thanks to him, with a small investment in the project, doctors can conduct an online appointment conveniently without risking their health.

Users only need to make an online appointment booking, after which they receive an email with a Zoom link by email.

3. Patient appointment automation for doctors and clinics

To implement the function of online appointments, our specialists have created a convenient admin panel with an electronic schedule for each doctor or clinic. This solution allowed us to improve organizational aspects in the field of health care, get rid of paperwork, and minimize the factor of human error.

The Results


doctors in the system


hours of online consultation


more appointments in clinics

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