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Project Key Facts

Industry: E Commerce, Cleaning service

Team size: 2 engineers

Cooperation: January 2020 - July 2020

Platform: Web


Web - React.js, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Styled Components


Clutch feedback:

About the Client

Dreamclean is a Sweden company, working with facility and cleaning services, which has multiple locations around the country. It consists of two sister companies with over 30 employees.

The Challenges

1. Outdated and slow website

Before the start of cooperation with us, the client already had a website on WP, which did not show the required loading speed, which led to the loss of clients. So the first priority was to redesign and transfer the project to new modern technologies.

2. Complex pricing system

With the increase of digitalization in Sweden, our client has to match the market in order to remain competitive. To do this, it was necessary to automate and speed up booking processes as much as possible.

At that time, the company calculated the price for each client separately and sent offers and quotations by email.

But the client needed to find a more efficient, automated, and faster way for the end-user to get a quote.

3. Booking system

The site’s booking system calculated the price based on the criteria and sent a booking confirmation after choosing a suitable date. Also, the scheduling system used the Microsoft Outlook calendar. It was necessary to implement this system on a new site.

The Solution

E Commerce, Cleaning service project for Sweden based client | Codempire

1. From WordPress to Gatsby.js

Our team migrated the system from WordPress to a modern technology stack with React.js and Gatsby. SSR (server-side rendering) technology helped speed up the rendering of the site from the first visit from 6 seconds to 1. And the new updated design helped to better orient users, thereby improving their user experience.

2. Calculation algorithms

The client provided us with tables with prices and indicators, depending on which they can change. Using all the power of JavaScript, our team wrote the most effective rendering systems that gave a price to the user in a matter of seconds, and could also be supplemented/expanded with new prices and services.

3. Microsoft Outlook

We have made integration with the Microsoft Outlook calendar so that the client can conveniently change the schedule, make temporary buffers; at the same time, all changes are instantly displayed on the site.

The Results

3 months

to launch just before the start of the sales season and brought to the client


more sales


increase rendering speed

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