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Software Development Services

Using healthcare software development services from Codempire means working only with expert developers, using optimizing technologies, feeling free to scale the product, being calm about the codebase quality, enjoying the perfect value for money and well-established communication. Write to us - take the first step to the financial success of your business idea.

Our solutions for every type of product

Electronic Health Record (EHR) apps

This is a kind of CRM system for clinics. It increases the clinics’ efficiency and helps to automate work processes. As a product owner, you can provide a ready-made EHR solution for hospitals, making money on it; or if you are a clinic owner, you can develop a custom EHR solution for your business to improve medical services quality and customer loyalty. Our team consists only of professional engineers and designers. We have extensive experience in creating software with an advanced admin system with different access levels and multiple users and therefore will be able to implement a custom healthcare app development EHR system that is intuitive, reliable, flexible to change, and easily expandable.


To make it easier for patients to track their health status, consult a doctor on time, etc., our specialists can create Electronic patient record software (EMR). We can equip it with all the necessary data of the client, including anamnesis, treatment history, and features (allergic reactions, chronic diseases, etc.). So, the doctor will better understand which treatment plan is better to apply, and the patient will have all the necessary information freely available.


This software was created so that the doctor could enter and store data about the patient's treatment: our specialists will develop functions for storing information about the medications taken and their dosages, completed and planned procedures; you can also equip such an application with features for the treatment progress tracking and link third-party applications (calendar, for example).

Hospital management software

Codempire engineers are true professionals in software development in the healthcare industry. We can create clinical management applications, with an advanced admin system, perfectly protected from theft and unauthorized use of personal data, and with almost unlimited prospects for expansion and development due to the code base flexibility and high quality.

Appointment booking and billing

Deciding to deal with our company, you can count on the development of high-end software. We can equip your hospital management application with user interfaces, a sophisticated admin dashboard, electronic reports, and prescriptions. Add functions such as alerts, reminders, calendar synchronization for a better user experience.

Equipment management

To make hospital management convenient and well-understandable, we can create software for automation of such organizational processes related to equipment as inventory, scheduling an inspection, and checking the functional state of equipment.

Health tracking software

Codempire has a wealth of experience in building fitness, wellness, and related types of applications. Our specialists can equip your product with high-end features, customize them, integrate with other devices and types of software. For example, with applications for hospitals - for the patients’ and doctors’ comfort when diagnosing. And you can rest assured that your patient data is safe - our engineers have rich security expertise.

Wellness apps

A step tracker, a food diary with access to food databases by barcode, an altimeter, an activity tracker, meditation, and weight loss apps - all of this has already been implemented by our engineers and they will be happy to implement it for your idea. In such applications, you can add the ability to attach media materials (for example, a photo of food or a body to track the progress of body goals), a community function, notifications, push-ups with alerts. And also we can sync your app with wearable devices.

Medical diaries

These are disease monitoring applications that can be developed both for use by the patient himself or integrate data with hospital software. We can develop applications with a user interface, advanced protection of personal data, where the patient would keep his electronic medical card with the test results, previous diagnoses, and treatment history.

Must-have features


Telemedicine has become a must-have feature since the pandemic when it became the only way to provide people with medical assistance in conditions of social isolation. And the trend towards its demand remains relevant. Our specialists can provide integration with any video communication services so that your clients comply with social constraints while not losing the opportunity to receive qualified medical care.

Payment module

Working with our agency, you'll be able to provide users with numerous payment models. Our engineers can connect all possible money transfer and payment services, as well as develop a feature for linking credit cards. You only need to determine which payment methods are most widespread in the target region. But Codempire will also help with it! Thanks to our discovery specialists, you’ll have all the necessary data about market conditions, competitors, and target audience.

Appointment management tools

Experts from Codempire can offer excellent custom healthcare software solutions for hospital management automation. For example, we can develop chatbots to automatically book appointments for clients; add notifications, calendar sync, medication prescriptions. All this will help to avoid troubles with delays, confusion, and untimely cancellation of appointments. As a result, it will improve the user experience and customer loyalty to your product.

Searching system

The team of Codempire engineers knows from their own experience how to make the searching process pleasant and effective for the user. We can implement searching by categories (for example, by hospitals, location, surname, or doctor specialization), filters (for example, by rating according to the visitors' feedback), alerts with reminders based on the patients' medical record.


Provide users with the ability to communicate. Review module, evaluation system, the possibility of personal online communication between doctor and patient, communication between doctors - for holding consultations and agreeing on a treatment plan - all these features our experts can add to your product in order to increase the consumers’ comfort and, as a result, to expand your target audience.

User interface

Engineers from our firm have repeatedly dealt with the development of user interfaces. Basic information, electronic medical record, planning of procedures and medical appointments; storage of test results and information about anamnesis, reminders, electronic schedule - we can implement all these functions into your interface to make it intuitively understandable and effective.

Our custom healthcare software development company workflow

  1. 1. MVP consulting

    One of our healthcare software development services is digital consulting. We provide it for free and it includes market and competitors analysis, a preliminary estimate, and an approximate determination of time frames. At this stage, we introduce our company to the client, provide all needed information on the business idea and make a decision on further cooperation.
  2. 2. Requirements

    At this stage, together with the client, we consider in detail his business idea, define its concept, a list of features, and distribute them according to relevance Into key and additional ones. The main goal of this stage is to form documentation containing clear requirements for the design and the upcoming development process.
  3. 3. UI/UX stage

    Then the designers get down to business. Before starting healthcare custom software development, the client and team should get a rough visual representation of the planned project. For this purpose, UI/UX specialists are developing design and prototyping. In addition to being more clear about the work, this will also help the product owner attract more investment - as potential investors will have a rough idea of what they want to invest in.
  4. 4. Custom healthcare app development

    All amount of work divides into milestones, which are performed alternatively one by one. The teamwork takes place in sprints. Developers work on planned tasks, fix and finalize them until client approval. Only after this, proceeding to the next stage is allowed. This work arrangement is possible thanks to the Scrum approach. It helps to avoid confusion and keep the product owner be aware of all updates. In turn, the code review culture and a unified code style ensure the high quality of the codebase and its reusability.
  5. 5. Quality Control

    Be sure: your product is scrupulously tested during the entire development and after the product launch, exclusively by professional QA specialists. Manual, Unit, and regression testing, as well as E2E tests - in all this they have excellent expertise, repeatedly tested in practice.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Thanks to CI/CD approach, the client is notified of any changes immediately. The development team can maintain continuous communication, quickly making all adjustments and consulting with the project owner. But even after the market launch, our work doesn’t end: all our clients have access to services for bug fixing, functionality expansion, scaling, and product modifications. We have been working with some clients for several years already, breaking the path from a small startup to a large international platform.

Tech Stack


  • React.js

  • ReactNative

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Gatsby.js

  • GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • TypeScript

  • StyledComponents

Case Studies

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6 reasons to choose our healthcare software development services

  • Versed partner

    Codempire is a skilled, reliable agency. Our healthcare developers have vast experience in building software for clinics. They’ve implemented both web and mobile solutions, including management products for hospitals and care assistance services. Completed projects are equipped with the most relevant features such as telemedicine, appointment automation, advanced searching engine, feedback, and assessment modules. All these projects have been successfully launched, and now they have hundreds of satisfied clients and a wide range of specialists.

  • No limits for product scaling

    Rest assured about expanding your product! We initially develop any project, even the tiny startups, with the expectation of possible scaling. To make the code base flexible, easy to understand, and reusable, we use a trusted technology and methodology, a unified code style. Thanks to our stack, developers can not only quickly get to work, but also change the project as you like, no doubt that it will work correctly with any number of users and any features complexity.

  • Skilled healthcare software developers

    We care about the quality of provided healthcare development services, that’s why all our programmers are experienced full-stack middle and senior-level developers who adhere to a code review culture, mentoring, and a unified code style - so that the team can be proud of their work and clients can benefit a good profit from it.

  • Smart budgeting

    We offer several cooperation models for our clients. We always substantiate the pricing for each of them in detail and provide all the necessary information to make choosing payment format convenient for the client. In addition, we take care of optimizing costs, selecting the most appropriate technology stack, methodology in terms of requirements, budget, and timing, and setting up a development team. Clear deadlines, well-established communication, accurate professional estimates - all this is also used to save customers from overpayments and hidden charges.

  • Optimizing technology

    Our firm carefully selects a technology stack for each specific project. At the same time, our healthcare software developers take into account the software type, the list of features and their complexity level, the business niche specifics, security requirements, and many other factors. Considering all these factors, the most relevant technologies are React and React Native. Our engineers apply them on all projects since they enable hybrid development, and software made with their use is modification friendly and easily scalable.

  • 24/7 support

    Our custom medical software development company coders will continue to support your product beyond market launch. Bug fixing, scaling, any modifications, and expansion of functionality - all this remains available to our clients.

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How can I track and control the development process?

We do our best to establish perfect communication between the outsourcing team and the client. For this, we already have a set of proven methodologies, based on our experience. First is the Scrum approach - to avoid chaos, to ensure successive sprint completing. Therefore, it helps to enable the product owner to track all working processes and make adjustments or changes if necessary. The second one is CI/CD method, ensuring that the client is aware of the latest updates and, as a result, it increases the work speed.

Does your healthcare software development is HIPAA compliant?

Yes! Our agency implements products builds products that are meeting all needed insurance requirements, which means it’s comfortable and secure for your clients. One of the practices to achieve this is to make the software HIPAA compliant.

What is the average cost of medical software development?

Based on our experience, the minimum cost of building a health care application is $ 100,000. As for the upper threshold, it's harder to say, since this amount can grow endlessly if you want to expand the software, equip it with new features, improve existing ones, and also you shouldn't discount service and support. Marketing is an additional expense. Be prepared, you’ll have to spend at least $ 10,000 on it. It’s reasonable to reduce costs without compromising quality by choosing reliable development services providers that will conduct digital consulting, set up an optimizing technology stack. When choosing a software developer for medical software, also pay attention to the location. The rate of engineers from Eastern Europe is significantly lower than American or British colleagues have, but their service quality is no worse.

Can I use your services after the launch?

Of course! Our cooperation does not end after the product is launched! When creating an MVP, at this moment the Build-Measure-Learn cycle starts, during which your startup turns into a full-scale project. Our engineers help to develop it step by step, fixing bugs, analyzing errors, and adding new features to the functionality with each iteration. At the same time, communication with the team remains stable and efficient.

How much time does healthcare development take?

The average time frame for health care development is as follows: 3-6 months for small startups, applications for local markets with a small target audience and elementary structure; from 9 months to 2-3 years - for large platforms with advanced functionality, sophisticated admin panel, multi-level management, a large number of users and services, massive amounts of stored data. To calculate timing more accurately, you need to consider your particular business idea with pro specialists, analyzing the target region specifics, and competitors. You can get all this information from the discovery experts of our custom healthcare software development company.

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