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Codempire is an experienced react js development company which means expert consulting, top-notch stack, and best cost & time-optimized custom solutions. We’ll conduct a full-cycle development for you, advise you on technical issues, evaluate your business idea, turn it into a full-scale project and lead it to success with you!

Our react js application development services

  • PWA

    Our react js application development company has already dealt with this type of software - our engineers created a website with the career simulator game in 3 months. So we can use this solution for your idea, which allows you to take full advantage of web technologies in the form of a mobile application.

  • SPA

    Our engineers have rich expertise in single-page applications development. For example, we can cite the TuMedico project, where switching to different sections is done by loading dynamic pages. So we’re happy to apply our skills to provide your customers with the best user experience.

  • Blog

    You can also rely on our experts to create your blog. We can create a site for you with publications, reviews, chat, the ability to rate and comment on publications - we’ll be happy to implement all the primary and additional functions for you!

  • Admin

    Our experts have enough projects under their belt to make an advanced admin engine for your platform with functions from simple ones - such as order, payment, and delivery management, to more sophisticated - with access levels, customization tools, etc. So that you’ll get software that is easy to modify, expand and scale up as needed.

  • Marketplace

    Our engineers have already created similar solutions and can develop such a website for your business idea. In addition to standard functions, we can also add analytics, advanced search engine, marketing tools, pop-ups with offers to customers based on their previous choices, and much more.

  • SEO

    We can make an SEO-optimized site for you, with good google speed and ranking. It’s achieved through the correct layout - style code, tags, titles, optimized images, fonts - we can select and structure all this to bring your site to the top of Google search so that customers see your product as one of the first.

Why do we recommend React.js


React has the most optimized way to update virtual dom, which provides high speed.Excellent community support. The React repository is in the top 5 most sought-after ones on GitHub; The Reactiflux community of over 100,000 members has been created specifically for React developers. More than 200,000 questions on StackOverflow - the most well-known resource for developers - are dedicated to the topic of React and related libraries. Great performance and dev experience - a small number of concepts required for training, humble library size, a small API, simple programming model - all this makes React a favorite technology of a huge number of engineers. Reusable code - which saves time, makes the product more flexible and scalable. JSX syntax keeping the code as simple and elegant as possible makes React a perfect solution for enterprise-scale projects. Testing-friendly. The use of Jest & Enzyme tools, and the command line, significantly simplifies and speeds up QAs' work.

React vs Angular

Both React and Angular have robust ecosystems, and they are both suitable for building large projects. However, sometimes React is still a better solution. For example:Using React you’ll get a lighter debugging process compared to Angular; It’s impossible to use JSX working with Angular; Angular uses a real document object model, so you’ll have a lower implementation speed using it compared to virtual DOM. React software development services are the best for creating SPA. Dynamic pages made using Angular work are stodgy because of their heavy size.

React vs Vue

React community is much larger than Vue has. It means that using Vue you’ll face a lack of skilled engineers; A limited set of plugins and components compared to React; Vue has a language barrier - almost all documentation is written in Chinese, which is a substantial challenge.

What products were build with React.js

Technology stack


  • Redux

  • MobX

  • Create React App

  • React Admin

  • Gatsby.js

  • Material Kit React

Tools & Utilities

  • React Reselect

  • Storybook

  • React Router

  • React DnD

  • TypeScript

  • Styled Components

Our work models

Dedicated team

This is the best solution for Agile projects where the ability to make adjustments on the fly is very influential. This collaboration model is the most affordable and flexible.

  • The most optimized budgeting;

  • Fully customizable team;

  • You’re free to make adjustments 24/7.

Fixed price

Working according to this model, our firm takes all risks and provides professional consulting with an estimate, and we set up a team on our own. You get React.Js development services with a clear budget and deadlines, controlling the process at regular demo meetings.

  • All the risks are our concern;

  • Clear time frame and accurate budgeting;

  • A free estimate from the project team.

Our react development company working flow

  1. 1. Digital consulting

    When conducting a free consultation call, we consider your idea in detail, determine its main concept. We give a preliminary estimate regarding budget issues and time frames. Also, our experts analyze the market and competitors for you.
  2. 2. Work on requirements

    When you decide to continue cooperation with our react development company, we generate documentation that specifies the exact requirements, a setlist of features, methodology and stack selection, and other technical aspects. Further work and development will be based on these documents.
  3. 3. UX/UI stage

    This is where UI/UX engineers come in. They create interactive prototype and design for your software. So, you get a rough idea of the future project, and in addition, you can attract more investor funds using this information.
  4. 4. Development

    Then the team proceeds to work on the previously defined milestones. The work takes place in sprints, and you, as a client, also participate in their planning and analysis, track and control all work processes and make adjustments if necessary.
  5. 5. Quality control

    Our QA engineers conduct product testing to be rest assured that everything is working correctly. It’s important at all development and planning stages, especially if it’s a startup. Testing is a vital part of the Build-Measure-Learn cycle, and we have a wealth of expertise in this: writing unit, E2E tests, and regression and manual testing - all of which we use for your ideas.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Here, the correct choice of technology is the key to good communication, and therefore successful, timely product implementation. That’s why we use CI/CD approach - to make the client instantly aware of all updates, and ready to adjust the development to ensure the successful market launch of the application or website.

Why our reactjs web development company

  • Technologies

    All our programmers are full-stack devs with rich expertise in React and React Native. These allow us to handle products of any scale and type and accurately determine the set of technologies for your ideas to implement them as cost-efficiently and quickly as possible.

  • Code review

    We adhere to high standards of code quality. The сode review culture is the impeccable tool for getting an outstanding result, so we introduced it to the team as one of the main work principles.

  • Team

    Our reactjs web development company has a team of 30 skilled professionals. Each developer we hire is a full-stack middle or senior engineer, a professional expert in his field. A responsible approach for team structuring and employees' professional development helped us turn 50+ business ideas into profitable projects.

  • Clients

    Our team has more than fifty successful projects under its belt. We have satisfied clients from Europe - UK, Sweden, and Denmark; North and South America - USA and Bolivia; Asia - China, Malaysia, Singapore; and Middle East - UAE, Israel, Qatar, Cyprus.

  • Smart budgeting

    Codempire carries a responsive approach to clients. We provide consulting services with the cost calculation of your business idea and offer a choice of several cooperation models. We clearly state the costs and terms. Our experts select the optimal technologies and software type to protect you from overpayments or sacrifice of quality to save funds.

  • Code style

    Every coder in our agency possesses and follows our unified code style. It applies to all projects, which serves for better comprehensibility of the codebase and convenience in its reuse.

Case Studies

Choosing technologies for a project?

Just write - discovery experts from our react js web development company will analyze your idea and advise you on technical issues for free!

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Top rated company on Upwork

Top 150 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine by Clutch


Is React suitable for enterprise projects?

Of course! Thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, code reusability, and use of virtual home, React allows you to implement the most advanced cutting-edge functions. This technology is one of the best for creating a SPA. Due to these reasons, such large international platforms as Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram use React.

What makes React cost effective?

Here are a few factors making React leading technology: Code reusability. The codebase made with React is easily-reusing. It significantly reduces the development and modification costs and also saves funds for project support. Cross-platform development. With this advantage, you build applications for several platforms, paying only one development team and creating one product. Affordable UI cost. This factor is due to the previous one. When you develop an application for multiple platforms at once, you do the same with design. A unified, optimized design is not only financially beneficial but also serves for a better user experience. Community support. Since React is one of the most world popular stacks, it's easy to find lots of ready-made solutions and libraries in the public domain. Moreover, you'll have no problem with a shortage of expert coders.

What should I choose for my project: React or Angular?

If you are planning an enterprise project, then both javascript frameworks will be suitable. However, if it takes to a small startup, then based on our experience, it would be better to choose React. Here you can see a few reasons why: React is a more optimized technology. You can build applications and sites of any scale with it and modify them as you like. This flexibility in changes is due to using Virtual DOM instead of Real DOM - as for Angular. It will be easier for you to find pro React developers since this library is relatively easy to learn, compared to Angular.

How your react js development company can ensure project security?

Our clients rest assured about the safety of their projects, as we are experts in security matters. We protect HTTP authentication, use only secure and stable libraries and components, apply End-to-End Encryption. Moreover, all your projects are 100% protected from Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

What are the pros of outsourcing development?

Working with outsourcing firm you can get such advantages as: Reducing the development cost without sacrificing quality. Taxes are much lower in such countries as Ukraine, as well as the developers’ rate. At the same time, the programmers’ professionalism level is quite good, so you get an optimized budget maintaining high quality. Access to professionals. You don’t need to be a technical expert, to hire and interview employees - the outsourcing company will set up a team on its own and help you figure out all the technical nuances. Delegate to care about global tasks. You can spend your energy on long-term plans and new business ideas while the outsourcing team takes over all the development issues. No worries about organizational issues. Taxes, workflow organization, purchasing equipment, and renting an office - our react js app development company takes care of all this!

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