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Development Services

eCommerce development services by Codempire it's only proven technologies, 100% effective methodology, optimized costs, and meticulous quality control - we do Mobile and Web development with knowledge and love for it.

What e-commerce products can we develop for you?

Single brand website

Our ecommerce development agency knows from its own experience that when creating such a b2c product as a single brand site, it is very important to take care of the user experience by using conversion rate optimization techniques. We have already applied it to a project, which is successfully working in the USA now.

Product recommendations

We can create pop-up recommendation and notification modules with product suggestions based on the user's past purchases or product ratings. This will stimulate sales and help to guess user expectations and find exactly what they need.


We can equip your platform with micro-animations to improve the user experience and make the buying process more interesting and enjoyable. This can be, for example, an animation that pops up after adding an item to the cart or after purchasing.

Online retailers

In the case of these services, our main task is to make the site profitable for suppliers and attractive for buyers. Here, in addition to the user experience, marketing will also play a key role.

Marketing tools

Notifications of new arrivals and discounts, customization of the pricing policy (creation of discount coupons and cards), authorization, and a cumulative bonus account for the buyer - we can implement all these features into your platform to boost sales.


A product rating system, the ability to leave and view feedback, attach photos and video materials there - we will gladly equip your application with all these functions.


This is a b2b model, where you act as a provider, selling a virtual trading platform to stores, and comfortable access to various brands for users. Our ecommerce development company will implement advanced website management functions that make your website comfortable for clients that mean profitable for you.

Custom branding

We can provide your e-commerce product with the ability to administer pages by the client store as it works in services such as Bigcommerce: so that they can change the page design, manage product categories, customize the payment of the model, the notification system, and many other functions.

Advanced admin panel

In addition to the admin panel for managing the supply of goods, payment/delivery, and other standard custom categories, we can develop a super admin panel for you, with which you can manage the work of customer stores, grant rights to work with the admin panel to other users and other functions, which cannot be dispensed with when building a marketplace platform.

Features our ecommerce development company can develop

Item List

In addition to the classic options for viewing the assortment and price, we can provide this function with the ability to filter the product, find by name and category, add media materials so that customers can view the product in more detail. Here you can also add animations and interactive elements (for example, the effect of a magnifier when looking at a photo item in detail).

Payment module

We can provide integration of your application with any payment services, e-wallets, and bank cards. So, your customers will have variable payment methods, which will be convenient for them and increase sales for you.

Admin panel

Our ecommerce development firm has extensive experience in creating a wide variety of admin panels - from simple to the most complex and multifunctional. We can equip your website with an advanced super admin panel, through which you can manage partner stores, provide customer support, return payments, track order status, etc.


Courier tracking via linked cards, the function of remembering locations, push notifications about the arrival of an order, electronic booking of delivery for a specific time - all these features our specialists can add to the functionality of your product to make your service more convenient for both shop employees and clients.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart can be interactive! In addition to the standard features of adding and removing products, viewing characteristics, creating cart templates, as well as pop-up windows with offers of other products, we can equip the cart with animations and interactive notifications - this will make the shopping process not boring and will improve the experience of users.


Our specialists will develop a product rating system and reviews with the ability to attach media files - this way users will get the best experience, which will increase the conversion of the app.

We can help you with

Ecommerce websitedevelopment services

We know how to make a cool online store, with the most relevant features, provide an excellent user experience, and at the same time make a product with unlimited potential - so that you can expand it, modify it with new features without any problems.

Ecommerce appdevelopment services

The best optimizing tech stack, pro specialists in mobile development, rich experience in creating delivery and booking ecommerce applications of varying complexity - all this in order to make your mobile product stand out and unrivaled.

Ecommerce softwaredevelopment services

Any business niche - from cleaning and laundry to hotel booking and food delivery; any kind of software - from chatbots for self-check-in to large, complexly structured websites; with the integration of all possible payment systems, and content resources - our experts have dealt with all this many times and will happily apply their skills to create your unique product.


  1. 1. MVP Consulting

    Our custom ecommerce development services list includes digital consulting. The point of this stage is to discuss your idea and decide whether you will hire our team to outsource your product. At this stage, we consider the specifics of the future software, analyze the market, determine the preliminary budget and terms, and discuss the cooperation model. As a result, you get an understanding of the cost and scope of the work to be done in general terms, and the total volume of tasks is allocated to milestones.
  2. 2. Requirements

    Here we will talk about a more detailed analysis of the project: what will be the specification of your application, a setlist of functions with distribution into key and additional; what methodology and tech stack will be optimal for this particular software. As a result, we generate documentation with the project requirements and technical characteristics, which will become the starting point for the entire development process.
  3. 3. UI/UX stage

    Based on the requirements formed in the previous stage, our UI / UX experts begin to create the future product design. We will develop an interactive prototype so that you can get a more substantive understanding of the application, understand how it will look and function approximately. In addition, a prototype can contribute to funding - investors are more likely to support a product that they can roughly understand.
  4. 4. Development

    So, the project is planned, concretized, you have decided on a model of cooperation with our ecommerce store development company (dedicated team, time and material, or milestone-based). Now the development itself begins. It happens using the Scrum approach, by sprints. So, we don't move on to the next stage until the previous one is completed and approved by the client. That is, you constantly monitor and control all processes, and make adjustments, if necessary, until the completion of the development. After that, you will already have a ready-made code base and software ready to launch.
  5. 5. Quality control

    We need to be sure of the quality of the provided e-commerce store development services, and that the completed solutions are working properly. To do this, our QA engineers conduct a complex of testing, including manual, regression testing, Unit, and E2E tests. So, at the end of this stage, you receive documentation with specifications and you can be 100% sure that the product works correctly.
  6. 6. Deployment

    During the deployment process, we always stay in touch and coordinate all points with the customer. This is possible thanks to CI / CD. With it, the probability of human error is extremely low, and all changes and improvements are instantly available for viewing by the client. Thus, the launch of a product on the market is as fast and controllable as possible. But even after approval and launch, our experts stay in touch to provide software support, bug fixing, and, if necessary, expand and scale the project.

Tech Stack


  • React.js

  • ReactNative

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Gatsby.js

  • GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • TypeScript

  • StyledComponents

Case Studies

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Why to choose our ecommerce development services

  • Skilled team

    Codempire already has a few ready-made e-commerce projects from different business niches. So you can be confident in our knowledge of the market and technology.

  • Top technology stack

    Our custom ecommerce development company has formed the best technology stack that allows us to optimize the costs of finance and time, making the project easily changeable and scalable almost unlimited.

  • Unlimited scaling

    Whatever the strategy for your project improvement, it will be easy to implement! Thanks to a well-thought-out stack, effective methodology, all our projects are distinguished by excellent flexibility and are easily scalable. At any time, it will be possible to add new features, significantly increase the number of end-users, with no doubt that the software will work correctly.

  • Pro ecommerce developer

    You can rest assured that only the best middle and senior-level engineers develop your projects. All of our professionals have excellent expertise and are constantly improving their professional skills.

  • Smart budgeting

    Good ecommerce development services cannot be cheap. But Codempire takes care of optimizing the client's expenses, making development affordable, but of high quality, without overpayments and hidden prices. This is achieved through precise budget planning, clear deadlines, and perfect value for money.

  • 24/7 support

    Our specialists stay in touch with the client even after launching the application, providing bug fixing, development of new functions. Thus, we help not only to maintain but also to improve the project and expand it.

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Top rated company on Upwork

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What costs should I expect when planning an ecommerce project?

If we talk about average statistical indicators, then the cost of developing an ecommerce portal starts from several thousand dollars, but the maximum value can be much higher, especially when it comes to software for a large enterprise. It is more important to understand more specifically what application you need, how complex it will be, what technologies you want to put there, and, of course, the ecommerce developer rate affects the pricing. Engineers in the US will cost significantly more than an outsourcing team from another country.

How much time does it take to plan and implement an e-commerce app?

To summarize, the average duration of work on an e-commerce product is six months. But the simplest solution can be built in 3-4 months, but large-scale projects with an advanced feature set can take several years. It’s better, of course, to consider your idea in more detail and get expert consulting - then you will have a clearer idea of the timing.

I want to control the development process, how can I do this while working with you?

We maintain constant contact with the client - this is what our methodology is based on. Thanks to the Scrum approach and CI / CD, you can track the development process, see the intermediate result, immediately know about all the changes, and can make adjustments if necessary.

Can you make such software as Magento or Shopify?

Yes! We are a fairly experienced e-commerce portal development company, which has experience working with projects of various complexity. Our specialists can create projects like Magento or Shopify for you using our top technologies - React (for web development) and React Native (for mobile applications).

How do you ensure the safety of ecommerce projects?

You can be absolutely calm about this - in our arsenal, we have all the most effective and up-to-date DRM technologies, including those like encryption.

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