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Hotel Booking
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Hotel booking app development services by Codempire it's only proven technologies, 100% effective methodology, optimized costs, and meticulous quality control - we do Mobile and Web development with knowledge and love for it.

What hotel booking apps can we develop for you?

Accommodation booking apps

We at Codempire have extensive experience in providing hotel reservation app development services and can create software in the field of tourism and hotel business of the most varied complexity.

Booking system

Our company has a wealth of experience working with software for the hotel business. We can create a booking engine of any level of complexity, equip it with additional features so that the user can choose a room by setting up a search using filters; add interactive elements, pop-up notifications with special offers for visitors, booking reminders, etc.

Advanced admin panel

Our team can develop admin panels of any complexity. Up to structurally extended systems with multi-level administration, where the owner of the property can grant rights to employees, control the level of access, and so on.

Travel planning apps

Integration with local maps, a user-friendly interface with a customizable hotel and ticket search system, to-do lists, reminders, integration with all payment systems - our specialists will gladly implement all this and much more into your product. Thanks to this, as well as our api expertise, your users will receive the most up-to-date travel information, share it with each other, and plan trips successfully.

User account

To make it convenient to plan trips, we can develop an account with advanced functionality - so, the user will be able to remember favorite places, receive tips, suggestions, save the route and share it. In addition, we can develop a to-do sheet, calendar and provide perfect synchronization with maps.


Our experts have already dealt with the implementation of such software and will be able to develop an application or chatbot for self-service of hotel guests - with classic functions such as a calendar, booking/reschedule/cancellation of a reservation, as well as additional ones, such as the possibility of voice booking.

Travel fare aggregator

It can be a part of your product or it can be a standalone application. Our experts will equip it with all the features of paramount importance, including a convenient intuitive search with filters, pop-up windows with special offers, reviews, price comparison and search for the most profitable solutions depending on the specified parameters.

API expertise

We have excellent skills in working with the flagship API for the travel industry, which can be challenging to apply if the engineers lack the knowledge and experience.


We have extensive experience in creating review modules and rating systems for hotels, airlines, tours, and rental housing. In addition, we can develop a messenger for your product with the ability to share media files, make video reviews, etc., so that customers can share their impressions of the hospitality of tenants, communicate, get acquainted and share useful information.

Top features from our hotel booking app development company

Loyalty system

Our hotel booking app development firm can develop a system of marketing tools for your travel portal, including a loyalty program, discounts, special offers. All this is implemented using an advanced admin panel, push notifications, and various custom features.

Payment module

Linking a bank card, integrating with e-wallets, PayPal, ApplePay - engineers from Codempire can provide your application support for all existing banks and payment services.


Integration with maps is a basic function for travel software. You can improve it with additional features - for example, alerts and tips regarding attractions, restaurants/gas stations nearby; you can also add the ability to plan a route, remember it, and share it with other users.

Notification system

Booking notifications, pop-ups with great deals for users, interactive elements, alerts about last-minute tours - all these our specialists can implement into your software to improve the user experience and help sell the provider's services (when it comes to a complex b2b product).

Advanced search engine

We can equip your application with a hotel/tour/ticket search engine with many customizable filters so that the user can easily find the most suitable positions. This is especially true for applications for booking accommodation, large websites selling air tickets, and chain hotels with a very rich range of services.

Traveler Community

We can develop a hotel/airline rating system; chats for users, with the integration of third-party sources of media files - so that they can leave reviews with photo and video materials, last impressions, useful information, and communicate with each other. This will increase user engagement by making them use your app more often.

Working Flow

  1. 1. Consulting

    This is the first step in cooperation with our hotel booking app development agency when we get acquainted with the concept of your application. At this stage, we conduct consulting, market analysis, competitors, identify potential users of your web or mobile solutions. As a result, you get a preliminary evaluation and an approximate understanding of the conditions, terms, and cost of development.
  2. 2. Requirements

    Now is the time to consider the business idea in more detail. Our experts, together with the client, determine the general concept and specialization of the future product, discuss what approaches and methods will be used in the field during development; which features are a must-have and should be implemented first of all, and which can be attributed to additional. As a result, the technical characteristics of the project will be formed and written in the form of documentation.
  3. 3. UI/UX stage

    In this step, we create a design prototype of the future product. The documentation with the requirements generated earlier is taken as a basis. After that, you can already get a more or less clear idea of how your software will look like.
  4. 4. Development

    During the entire process of planning, construction, and up to the launch of the project on the market, the client remains aware of all processes, can track, control and, if necessary, adjust the work of the dedicated team, as well as watch the intermediate result. This is done through the Scrum approach, where all the milestones are built one by one, and the next is not planned until the previous one has been completed and analyzed. At the end of this phase, the client receives a ready-made code base and can launch the product for end-users.
  5. 5. Quality control

    Our hotel booking app development services also include testing. To be 100% sure that your travel site is working correctly, we carry out a comprehensive check using the best tools and methods. It includes manual testing and E2E tests as well as writing unit and regression testing. After testing is completed by QA engineers, the client receives information about the technical specifications of the software in the form of documentation.
  6. 6. Deployment

    Once the project is completed and ready to go to market, we do not end our cooperation. You still can control the development of your product. This is done using a CI / CD approach, where the customer is immediately notified of any project’ changes. In this way, the client can constantly keep in touch with the team, and all the progress is under control. After the launch, experts from our hotel booking app development company also remain available for fixing bugs, suggestions for improving, expanding the project. They will also help improve the functionality of the application or add new custom features. The main result of this stage is a completed project, accessible to the end-user, easily changeable, and scalable.

Tech Stack


  • React.js

  • ReactNative

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Gatsby.js

  • GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • TypeScript

  • StyledComponents

Case Studies

Thinking of starting a hotel booking business?

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6 reasons to choose our hotel booking app developers

  • Versed team

    Our specialists have experience in creating various software for the tourism and hotel business. These are standard booking applications, an admin panel for hotel administration by staff, and more advanced solutions such as a voice-bot for self-check-in/check-out or room service app.

  • Over-the-top tech

    Experts from Codempire use only the best technologies when building your software. The technical stack, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness on many projects, allows for hybrid development. This means that your application will be built simultaneously for Android and iOS platforms by one team of engineers. This way, you optimize budget costs and time without sacrificing quality.

  • Unlimited scaling

    A unified code style, constantly growing engineers, only effective and optimizing technologies - we use all this when creating software so that in the future your product would be easy to change, fix faults, improve and replenish the functionality with new features.

  • Pro developers

    At Codempire, we work hard to drive the professional growth of our employees, so you can be 100% confident in the team's excellence. Your projects are implemented only by high-skilled middle and senior hotel booking app developers.

  • Smart budgeting

    Thanks to a well-thought-out technology stack, perfect value for money, and variable cooperation models, we have created all the conditions so that you can get a product with an optimal price-quality ratio.

  • 24/7 support

    We ensure the correct operation of your booking app, conducting bug fixing, and staying in touch with you. In addition, we are open to further cooperation: improving the functionality of the application, further developing new features, scaling the project to enter the international market, attracting more users - all this our experts will gladly do to boost your business.

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Top rated company on Upwork

Top 150 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine by Clutch


What is the approximate cost of a hotel booking app development services?

The cost of app development can vary from $10000 to almost infinity. It depends on the complexity of the product structure, the technology stack, and the hotel booking mobile app development company you choose as a technical partner. Pay attention to the experience of a potential partner, the competence of engineers, and also take the location into account. So, developers from the United States will cost you significantly more than a team from Ukraine. It is important to find the perfect balance of price and quality so that you don’t have to pay twice because of an unprofessional team, but also not overpay.

How can i monetize my booking app?

There are several ways to make money from your startup. First, you can charge a percentage for every booking made through your app. Secondly, you can provide advanced functionality, and more profitable offers for users for an additional fee, making the main features free. In addition, many applications offer to make the hotel/restaurant the first in the list of top-rated places for a fee, or place hotels on the site for a fee.

How can I be aware of and manage the development process?

Thanks to the Scrum approach, CI / CD method, and well-established communication, you are always the first to know about all changes in work; the product implementation process doesn’t progress further until you approve the previous milestone. This way you can track the intermediate result and make adjustments if necessary.

Do your services remain available after the project is launched?

Of course! We help many of our partners to develop and scale their software after going to market, and we will be happy to do the same for you. Our experts are always ready to improve your product, add new features and provide continuous support.

How much time does a hotel booking app development take?

If we are talking about a small, functionally simple room booking application, then its development will take several months. However, if you are planning a large-scale project with a complex structure and want to expand it in the future, tune in to long-term cooperation with the selected hotel booking app development company. To understand a more precise time frame for the development of your website, it is better to consult with experts, setting out your business idea in more detail.

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