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Avid Adventures (GameDev / Educational)

Our client is a company that cooperates with Education estates in Singapore. They organize different events for students, and one of these events is about self-determination in the career field. They needed an app for those events to reduce paperwork and enhance interaction between a host and an audience. A distinctive feature of our product is ease and convenience of using the app.


We have developed a comprehensive mobile application that allows our client to easily and in a playful form determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and calculate the best direction for self-realization.

Our team has analyzed and developed two technical areas to simplify the work of coaches and students. We used React and Firebase, where users could have a quick start from a web page.

The distinctive feature of our application is its ease of use and universal approach to the technical support of the platform, because this product should be used by different companies with the same comfort.


About Us

Our history

Codempire is a full-stack JavaScript company. We started our way in 2016 when we worked together in a big corporation.

There were several problems: - managers Inefficiently spent the client’s budget; - developers did not fully understand projects’ needs and goals;

We wanted to build better quality development processes believing that it would be possible in a small company. Where customers’ budget is taken into account, and developers are happy with what they do.

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Our Technologies


React Native

We have developed 40 apps that support both IOS and Android systems using React Native. Using the Javascript language and familiar web framework approaches correctly, react development is quick and productive.

Also, it allows reducing the amount of budget investment compared to native development. This way you get a product with an optimal price/quality ratio.

React Native


Nest JS

Server development is becoming more and more popular with the development of online business. Information technology has long been a product that takes up bytes on cloud storage instead of warehouses.

Servers are written by us, process millions of requests per second. To do this, we use the Node.js, applying the Nest framework on the server side. It allows us to write enterprise-level code for applications due to the competent architecture and excellent community support. Our servers are most often hosted on AWS capacities through the Docker container technology.

Nest JS



We use the advanced React framework, as it is the market leader today. It possesses the best support from the community, which allows us to create sites of any complexity level. These include high-load enterprise solutions with high performance and simpler sites for e-commerce stores with good SEO optimization using SSR technology.


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