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Software Development for Startups

Codempire is a team of passionate professionals from Ukraine, able to create outstanding projects for mobile and web applications.

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Our staff includes 10 mobile development specialists, behind whom there are already more than 40+ successfully implemented iOS & Android applications.

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Since 2016 we have created more than 20 sites. Our specialists in frontend and backend development are ready to provide our customers with high-quality web service.

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For startups with a cool idea and a good understanding of their product, we provide design services. With the help of our UX/UI specialists, we will turn your idea into a tangible design product.

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Welcome to Codempire

Facts about us

  • Location

    We have gathered talents all over Ukraine to implement your projects remotely.

  • No bureaucracy

    We made work process extremely balanced without extra bureaucracy.

  • Technologies

    We are experts in React, React Native and Nest.js + Typescript which allows us to perform a wide range of tasks.

  • Code review

    With code review approach our team could rethink every part of code until it becomes outstanding.

  • Code style

    Using our internal code style on all projects we could scale a team in the fastest and easiest way.

  • People

    We’ve 30+ team members and 50 profitable projects behind them.

  • Focus

    Every project is the great opportunity to make customers ideas create more digital and comfortable world.

  • Clients

    We already have 20 satisfied clients from USA, Britain, UAE, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Bolivia, Cyprus, Qatar, Sweden, and Denmark.

What customers say

Our Awards

Top rated company on Upwork

Top 150 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine by Clutch

Featured Technologies


Our featured technology for mobile development is React Native. It covers 99% of the requirements for mobile applications in the current market.

Therefore it saves development time and budget costs by half using hybrid development. So, one developer can simultaneously write for two platforms on javascript, whereas with native development you will need 2 developers with knowledge of two programming languages.

As a result - 40 implemented applications for IOS and Android systems with an optimal price-quality ratio.

React Native


Information technology has become a hot commodity, which makes server development more and more relevant.

To create servers, we use Node.js technology, using the Nest framework on the server side. This allows us to write code for enterprise-grade applications thanks to the clever architecture and excellent community support. Our servers are most often hosted on AWS facilities using Docker container technology.

Since we have full-stack developers, we write both mobile, server and web development in the same language, which provides time and budget savings, as well as better work organization - because every specialist understands all the nuances of back-end and front-end development.

Nest JS


We use the advanced React framework, as it is the market leader today. It possesses the best support from the community, which allows us to create sites of any complexity level. These include high-load enterprise solutions with high performance and simpler sites for e-commerce stores with good SEO optimization using SSR technology.


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