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Avid Adventures

Project Key Facts

Industry: Education, Career development, PWA, Game development

Team size: 3 engineers

Cooperation: February 2020 - Present

Platform: IOS, Android, Web


Mobile - React.js, TypeScript, Firebase

Web - React.js, TypeScript, Firebase


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About the Client

Avid Adventures is a Singapore-based company that provides career consulting workshops for schools and corporate organizations.

Nowadays, educational systems are changing to become more practical and provide knowledge that is applicable in real life.

Universities and schools are looking for ways to educate motivated and career-oriented students who will be in demand in today’s job market.

Avid Adventures works with schools, businesses, the government, and nonprofits to help their students and stakeholders learn more about the 21st-century jobs scene, and gain motivation to upskill themselves.

The Challenge

In many countries, the education system suffers from a lack of a career guidance structure, old-fashioned schools (using paper and pen) that do not sufficiently involve young people in their education.

Of course, specialists have carried out a lot of research on progressive methods of education, but not enough technology or gamification has been developed for career guidance or vocational education.

Previously, the client has already made a prototype of the web version of the future product. But they also wanted to create a high-performance mobile e-learning app.

The goal was to bring their current Career Life game online, provide real-time play, expand the audience globally/worldwide with a creative solution, and get the maximum benefit from implementing the product in an online event. They needed an app for those events to engage audiences and automate processes for enhanced interaction between a host and an audience.

After implementing the product, the customer wanted to offer this e-learning startup to a large market and continue development to profit from the application not only at their events in the Singapore region, but also to scale it worldwide.

The Solution

Education, Career development project for Singapore based client | Codempire

It was originally planned to create a mobile e-learning application, which would be a simulator based on research and career theories for which there are no close technological alternatives. But we had only 3 months to implement the entire project, and the development of a mob application involved publishing to AppStore and Google Play, which would take about a month only for publishing The product due to the corporate rules of these services.

Therefore, through a detailed analysis and brainstorm, our team came to the following solution: instead of writing a time-consuming mobile app, we offered our clients to create a PWA - or Progressive Web Application. It’s essentially a website, but visually and functionally it works like a mobile application.

As a result, we have built in all elements of our WIT GRIT FIT framework ( into the game. The game has been able to engage and bring across the WIT GRI FIT message through experiential learning.

The finished game is now helping numerous students in different parts of the world navigate their future careers, and schools - to find an engaging way to educate their students about careers.

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The Results


of the client's budget saved compared to developing with local vendors

3 months

to launch and test the e-learning startup in Singapore


concurrent players per session

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