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Project Key Facts

Industry: Safety

Team size: 2 engineers

Cooperation: January 2020 - August 2020

Platform: IOS, Android, Web


Mobile - ReactNative, TypeScript, Firebase

Web - React.js, TypeScript



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About the Client

Our client is a security agency located in New York. They came to us with a request to create an application for monitoring stations, security companies, businesses, and educational institutions. Such software will allow them to improve communications with all stakeholders.

The Challenge

1. Make a mobile application for clients

The client wanted to develop a mobile application that could help the user to ensure their safety in emergency situations by transmitting their GPS coordinates to the security center or to 911. The functionality of the application should also include the ability to instantly call police patrol/firefighters, or other types of services in case of emergency incident (in case of an attack in a park, fire, etc.). It was decided to implement this in the form of an emergency button.

2. Create solutions for a security agency

It was necessary to develop a digital map of the city, which would reflect new incidents in real-time so that the guards could react and send a patrol as soon as possible.

The Solution

Safety project for USA based client | Codempire

1. Virtual Guard (Live & Passive)

We have developed a virtual defender for IOS and Android platforms, which can transmit information about an incident in Video & Audio format using Real-Time GPS Tracking.

The app also has Panic Button With Threat Verification. By clicking on it, a signal is automatically sent to the control panel of the 991 services or a security agency.

In addition, our team has developed a chatbot with a secure connection, with which the user can get quick support or advice on how to act in an emergency.

2. Management for Nearby Security

We have developed a web application using React.js that security firms can display on their TV monitors and monitor emergency calls and incidents in their sectors.

The interface is divided into 2 parts: on the right is a city map with incident markers, and on the left, we can see a list of incidents. The operator can quickly send a security escort to different parts of the city. Each location can have customized categories and workflow to ensure member communications are quickly routed to the responsible party for prompt assistance.

The Results


of the client's budget was freed up for business development thanks to a reduction of call center costs


incidents were prevented


security agencies use this software

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