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Project Key Facts

Industry: E Commerce, SaaS, Sales

Team size: 1 engineer

Cooperation: April 2019 - August 2020

Platform: IOS, Android, Web


Web - React.js, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Styled Components

Mobile - ReactNative, TypeScript



About the Client

Our client is a startup from Denmark that wanted to create a SaaS solution for salespeople around the world using the telephony API.

The Challenge

1. Mobile development

The client has already developed an app using React Native. But it was necessary to implement the most complex features related to telephony, as well as provide support for the product for IOS.

2. Web development

The client needed to develop a marketing website from scratch, which would contain a description of all the product’s features, as well as a blog, pricing information, and support.

The Solution

E Commerce, SaaS project for Denmark based client | Codempire

1. ReactNative expertise

Using our knowledge and experience with React Native, we have optimized the current application to ensure it works correctly on both IOS and Android. We wrote a couple of native modules using SWIFT and Kotlin so that the phone can receive and make calls to other phones.

2. Gatsby development

We made the decision to use Gatsby. SSR (server-side rendering) technology helped speed up the rendering of the site from the first visit, which provided good SEO optimization. We have created many reusable modules, helping the client build new pages on their own - without the help of our specialists.

Thus, app functionality includes:

  • Lead Tracking. A wide range of marketing tool integrations and unique cold calling workflow will help to feed new leads from marketing campaigns into trackable channels to be in contact with them by phone calls or e-mail conversation.
  • Lead routing. This application implements the Dynamic Lead Allocation method. The user can flexibly search for leads through integration, import, manual input; Also, the user has access to the queue settings - for convenient prioritization, and the approval concept.
  • Lead scheduling. With PieSync, users can also synchronize a list in Myphoner with their CRM.
  • Email templates, easy-to-use, and manageable;
  • Automatic Lead Deduplication;
  • Lead Segmentation, with which users can segment leads. It works as a filter, creating lists for agents, which depends on any attributes.
  • Search, which is always available from the top bar, or users can get quick access through hotkey ‘S’.
  • Integrations - to help automate users’ workflow by connecting app with numerous tools & services: Zapier, PieSync, Gmail, Outlook 365, etc. Or there is an opportunity to Create integration on your own using advanced restful JSON API.

The Results


new clients after website launch


IOS + Android platforms launched


months to create an MVP

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