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Project Key Facts

Industry: E-Commerce, Marketplace, Beaty

Team size: 2 engineers

Cooperation: April 2019 - January 2020

Platform: IOS, Android


Mobile - ReactNative, TypeScript

Serverless - Firebase



About the Client

Ayro is a US startup that is a mobile platform for beauty professionals. It was created to help professionals and their clients complete and manage orders on the go. Here the client can choose the expert he likes, book a service at any time without having to call the expert, interrupting him from work.

The Challenge

1. Lots of manual work For professionals

Typically, beauty professionals spend a lot of time organizing the client’s appointment process and making efficient use of their schedule. They are forced to be distracted by such tasks, reducing their efficiency and complicating their development in the beauty industry.

2. Long uncomfortable appointment cycle for clients

Usually, a client needs to call a beauty master to make an appointment for a procedure and find out free time slots. It also takes a lot of time, because the beauty master cannot always answer right away, which negatively affects the customer journey.

The Solution

Beaty project for USA based client | Codempire

An excellent solution to the problem for both sides of the process was the development of the application.

Its key features became: schedule management, services, price, duration. All this functionality is implemented using the built-in AI chatbot.

1. Online schedule and booking system

Beauty experts can create their own profiles and set up a convenient schedule. Integration with Instagram is also provided, so you can import all photos, stories, and services in one click. A convenient QR code can be placed on social networks or shared with clients to make a record in a matter of seconds. If desired, the beauty master can record clients manually.

2. Customer booking system

Our team has developed a chatbot, with which a client can sign up for a procedure with an expert in 3 clicks. First, you need to select an expert, then the type of service, then select the day and time using the calendar, provide contact information (name, phone number).

After that, you can cancel the booking or rewrite it for another time, without the need to call the expert.

To ensure that customers do not forget about bookings, our specialists have provided a notification system with an alert.

Among the additional features for the client, the linking of the Instagram profile has also been implemented so as not to waste time on registering manually.

You can recommend an expert you like to your friends by sharing a link to him.

The Results


satisfied customers


happy masters



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