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How to Make a Language Learning App Like Duolingo

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Let’s Take a Look at The Language Learning Market

Language is a universally accepted means of communication worldwide, both in the educational and business field. Most organizations demand multilingual skills from their employees due to its added benefits in the post-pandemic era. Quickly acquiring new skills and speaking fluently in many languages is the latest dilemma of being a modern-day businessman. This new trend of e-learning is precisely why you need to create your own language app that helps students, businessmen, and organizational leaders to copy with the latest Post-COVID demands. The pandemic led to an urgent switch in teaching methods worldwide. COVID-19 enforced lockdown ensures that students only learn from home. This led to an increased demand for e-learning. Research shows that approximately 1.2 billion students are forced to switch to e-learning platforms due to COVID-19. Most learning settings use a different approach, such as online tutoring, video conference technologies, gamification, and various software to improve the learning process for students. This new approach led to increased retention capacity of students that studied remotely. Recent research proves that students learn faster and remember more after learning online compared to previous traditional methods. For example, over 57% of American students are taught to use e-learning tools before the lockdown. Online education is here to stay, it is the only way businessmen, students, and employees of top organizations can learn the needed skills to become more productive after the lockdown. However, if you want your platform to keep up the recognition, you need to know and adjust to the fast-rising trends in the e-learning niche and build an app like Duolingo.

Rising Trends in the Language Learning Market

Advanced digital technologies are the latest trends in the language learning niche. Different companies are integrating various adaptations into their learning environment to make learning more accessible and more fun. The latest trends include:

  • Latest Artificial intelligence software: AI is slowly becoming a non-negotiable feature for e-learning platforms. They offer services such as: providing innovative content for users, offering extra-curricular supports for students, analysis of contents, e.t.c
  • Gamification: Doing the same thing continuously can get boring and monotonous for students. This is why many industries are adding game features to make learning fun and lively.
  • Mobile-friendly learning: The majority of the students interested in learning new languages use the platform on their mobile devices. Adaptation to the latest mobile requirements is a must need feature for the newest learning platforms.
  • Hybrid or combined learning models: It is becoming the latest trend to combine both benefits of offline and online education. Some platforms are beginning to use a hybrid model of learning by maximizing different types of API.
  • Micro-credentials: One of the recent ways of improving teachers’ efficiency is certifications supervised by external evaluators.
  • Enhanced or virtual realities: The learning experience can be improved by allowing students to acquire information using a virtual world.
  • Interaction-focused videos using animation: Visual aspect of the learning journey can be enhanced using animations. This promotes more emotional interaction during learning.
  • Learning management systems: Much emphasis has been placed on how the content is created for users. Recently, Advanced learning management systems have been used to monitor the student’s progress and goals. An example is the cloud-based e-learning system.

This is why the market niche for personal improvement through language study is expanding. Most companies are benefiting from this rising trend by learning how to build a language learning app. Is it your dream to create an opportunity for people to improve their language skills or hire an E-learning App Development Services Company? Then this article is for you. Keep reading to know more about the secrets behind creating amazing apps like Duolingo. We also share our experience: development process, technical tips, business analyses, estimation, and tell you about our case studies.

Market size

Language  Market Size

According to research carried out by HolonIQ, the language market was worth 61 billion USD in 2019. It was projected to double in value to approximately 115 billion USD by 2025. This data is derived by analyzing the proportion and quantity of demand and supply for learning a dialect. This is why your company needs to capitalize on platforms that offer how to create a language app.

New research reveals that approximately 3.1 billion people are currently using different language learning platforms and courses to learn English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc. Over 1.4 billion people are now investing in other e-learning websites and applications to learn English for a different purpose. Language learning is becoming a vital requirement for good work, educational or personal growth in most businesses and organizations. This is enough reason for you to decide start an e-Learning business and create your own language app.

Your competitors

Who Will be Your Competitors?

The best way for an organization to meet this rising demand is to create a language learning mobile app for different Android software and iOS. There are many competitors in the e-learning niche. The most popular competitors similar to Duolingo includes:

  1. Mondly
  2. FluentU
  3. Busuu
  4. Memrise
  5. Babbel
  6. Rosetta Stone

Different E-learning platforms have various advantages and disadvantages depending on their terms and conditions. The table below illustrates the primary difference between other vocabulary learning programs.

Name of Platform Business Model Type Number of Subscribers and Active Users Amount of Language Offered Launching Date
Mondly Paid Subscriptions Approximately 20 million subscribers 33 2014
FluentU Paid Subscriptions About 50 million active users 9 2015
Busuu Paid Subscriptions Approximately 60 million subscribers 12 2008
Memrise Premium Approximately 35 million users 25 2010
Babbel Paid Subscriptions Approximately 100 million subscribers 14 2007
Rosetta Stone Paid Subscriptions Number of users not disclosed publicly 30 1992
Duolingo Freemium business model
and in-paid advertisements
Approximately 300 million subscribers 36 2012


Mondly is a Romanian-established company. They offer an interaction-specific language learning platform. The goal of this company is to make the user’s experience practice with life scenarios. This means you clear what you use in your day-to-day life. The company offers these services using AR, speech recognition apps, Virtual reality apps, and situational chatbots. All of the over 33 languages offered by this platform boast of these features.


This type of learning app focuses on improving the listening skills of its students. FluentU uses focused interaction videos of native speakers to teach its users. The added benefit of this is that the source of the video is diversified. This ensures that the students learn from the different cultures of the speakers. Despite the many benefits of this application, it doesn’t improve your speaking skills or offer any strict learning outline or program.


One of the significant selling phrases of this language app is instant improvement. The company promises visible improvement in your dialect within 16 hours of registration. They offer both free and paid services with different limitations.


Consistency is the watchword for this company. It is a flash app company that uses mnemonic repetition to increase its users’ percentage of retained words. The students improve their language skills by consistently learning common phrases and words until they know them without checking the application.


Quality is vital to users of this unique application. They make their lessons concise for approximately 15 minutes. You can quickly learn every day during your break at work or school. Babbel focuses on engaging its users through many interactions and dialogues. It offers services that help to improve pronunciation through speech recognition. The ratings for this application are very high, despite its limited language options.

Rosetta Stone

One thing that differentiates this platform from other applications is the availability of live lessons. This means that you can have one-on-one lessons with a teacher online or with other users. Rosetta Stone applications have progressed well over the years and adapted to the 21st century’s needs. Their premiere lessons were on compact discs. Now they have adapted to provide classes online.

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What’s so Great About Duolingo: Decomposition

Features of Duolingo

Duolingo's features

There are some mandatory features for your e-learning platform to be considered the best platform around for learning. Duolingo is an excellent e-learning platform because of its unique learning features. Some of the features include:


It will significantly boost the ranking and usability of your e-learning platform if students or users have easy access to sign in or use the forum. We live in an era of one-click authorization and sign-up options. Duolingo makes authorization and signing up easy by asking for a little personal information. They provide added benefits like signing in with social media accounts, so you don’t have to memorize many passwords and logins. All you need is to remember the password of one of your social media networks, and you are good to go. Ease of access should be one of the mandatory features when planning to start a language learning mobile app. It would be more effective if push notifications were also added to the application’s features.

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There has to be continuity to ensure a smooth e-learning process after user profile creation. Duolingo ensures that the user provides adequate information to place the user at the required level for optimal learning. The type of information requested includes language proficiency level, age, gender, learning goals, projected fluency level, intended study language, and users’ personal information. This information enables the Duolingo application to prepare the required lesson, exercises, tests, games, quizzes to meet the student’s desired goal. Continuity plans should be a priority if your company’s goal is to design mobile app for learning language. This helps the student to get accustomed to the voice of native speakers.

Learning Plan

A suitable learning plan and process ensures that your students improve their language proficiency quickly and stay motivated throughout the learning process. One of the numerous benefits of Duolingo is its unique and exciting learning routine. Many motivational learning exercises and reward systems keep the students or users glued to the platform. Matchmaking is a must-have learning procedure if you plan to make a language learning app similar to Duolingo.

Audio Translation

This is an exciting exercise that helps to improve the listening skills of the students. The activity involves listening to certain words in the intended language and compiling the correct translation that matches the words spoken in the audio. This listening-improving exercise is one of the best ways to keep your users interested when planning to create website like Duolingo.

Picture Selection

Picture selection is a lesson that encourages the student to concentrate on the language learning process—the exercise involves matching a picture to the corresponding question. Duolingo’s tasks can be done on any type of gadget.

Text Translation

This is a good lesson for those planning to improve their reading or communication skills quickly. It involves selecting the correct translation for a selected group of words. This is a valuable educational service for e-learning startups organizations.

Proper Pronunciation

Most students are users who often use e-learning apps to improve their speaking level. These particular lessons encouraged the student to practice more by pronouncing specific phrases from the given words. The experienced developers of Duolingo ensure that the application is a perfect blend for gamification and monetization. Duolingo is an ideal template if you are planning to create a language app.

Omission Detection

Vocabulary is an essential component of language learning. One of the most common vocabulary mistakes is poor sentence construction. Duolingo solves this problem by creating lessons that involve students guessing the omitted words in a sentence or phrase. This lesson improves the vocabulary and speaking level of the students.

Accent Improvement

This lesson involves listening to words or phrases in your native language and pronouncing them in the language you are learning. The speaking exercise improves the pronunciation, speaking, and accent of the student.

Prompt Learning

Duolingo also offers additional benefits, such as  Spontaneous learning. The users are allowed to select any unique words that are highlighted. Selecting these words prompts displaying other features such as translation, context, or scenarios to use them, etc. This helps the users to become more familiar with the highlighted terms and know how to use them naturally in everyday conversations.

Reward System

Duolingo platform rewards its users with crowns and gems for task achievement and progress during the learning duration. The gems can be used for purchasing items in the online  Duolingo shop. Reward systems are essential when developing a language learning app.

Virtual health

One of the hallmarks of a good platform is the balance between punishing mistakes and the fun of its users. Duolingo finds a perfect way to punish mistakes by its users without making them less interested in the learning process. The developers added gamification features into the learning platform. The user’s errors reduce their virtual health during the learning process, just like losing health status in a game. However, the good news is that you can recover the lost health over time or correct your mistakes if you have zero health level.


Learning can be fun when you have the opportunity to interact with like-minded people or a community with similar goals. Duolingo creates an opportunity for its users to interact by joining different language clubs for fun interaction. If you want to maximize your e-learning application fully, you need to create a platform for all the users to interact and practice with other students, something like a language speaking club. This is an essential tool for developing a language learning app.

Application shop

Creating an online shop for the users to spend their reward is beneficial to the learning process. Users and students of Duolingo can spend their gems and crown in the application’s shop. This is a perfect plan if monetization is your goal for creating your language learning app. The features listed above are compulsory features you need to include in your plan if you are planning to build a globally accepted language learning app.

How Duolingo works

How Duolingo App Work: Architecture

Using Duolingo is relatively easy and fun since it is mobile-friendly and offers different language options. Once you have access to the app. The basic steps to take to enjoy its full benefits include:

  • Signing in or registering as a Duolingo user.
  • Language and proficiency level selection. You can take a proficiency test if you are not sure of your language level.
  • Duolingo uses its gamification features to offer 3 different levels for the users to pass. Failure to pass the third Stage leads to repetition of the whole level from the beginning.


Duolingo is distinct because they focus on product-focused PR. Have you ever wondered how you or your friends know about Duolingo without seeing an advert? You probably heard through word of mouth or suggested by websites like Google. Duolingo is quality-driven, and this leads to increased retention of their customer base. For example, after the Game of Thrones series release, Duolingo invented a new marketing idea of adding valyrian language to their learning options. Just as you are thinking right now, which Game of Thrones fan doesn’t want to learn valyrian? That’s how Duolingo perfected marketing.

Business Model

Business Model

Duolingo operates a freemium type of business model. This means that you can use the basic features of the app for free. Advanced features and canceled advertisements are only available to subscribers. The source of revenue for Duolingo include:

Duolingo Plus

This is a type of subscription with added benefits such as:

  • Utilizing the application without advertisement.
  • Offline access to lessons and download option.
  • Skills and heart language taught without restriction.
  • Opportunity to repair your streak monthly.
  • Quiz games that change as you progress in your language proficiency.

Impressed Adverts

Duolingo earns money every time an advert is viewed by its user. They also allow the user to repair their streak monthly. The ads appear at a strategic period of the learning process.

Language Test

Duolingo broke the monopoly of online language testing by offering a better alternative to other companies. They now provide a 1-hour-certified test for 49 Usd. Users can do this test without leaving the comfort of their homes. The test is highly credible because it is virtually monitored through the student’s camera.

Benefit of Creating an App Similar to Duolingo

Benefits of Creating an App Similar to Duolingo


Duolingo offers lessons that cover over 36 languages with approximately 300 million registered users globally. This provides a community for language learners with the same goal and plan. Duolingo is a globally recognized application with many registered users in different parts of the world. The widespread coverage means it can easily reach its targeted audience and influence more users. Your targeted audience is an essential factor when planning on how to make your own language learning app.


One of the significant advantages of using Duolingo is a freemium model of payment. They provide their service for free for their users. This makes it easily accessible for different users regardless of their financial worth and capacity. However, there is an option of a premium subscription with the Duolingo application. The premium subscription comes with a lot of added benefits and advantages.


Duolingo offers a systematic approach to help you attain fluent proficiency in your chosen language quickly. The application does this by providing various videos, teaching, and tools that increase your language level soon within a short period. Students enjoyed the benefit of a quick language program compared to using other applications.


Duolingo provides an easier way to customize your learning to suit your own needs and schedule. They offer a mobile-friendly application that allows you to customize your learning process without missing out on the web version. Creating a flexible application should be a vital factor when deciding to make a language app.


The simplicity of Duolingo is one of its added benefits compared to other Duolingo alternatives. It is easier to use and adequately organized for its uses. It contains different stages with many reward systems for quizzes and games. You can even get added benefits such as multiple-choice questions, flashcards, and images to enhance your learning experience.

These are some of the many benefits of making Duolingo a reference point when developing a language learning app.

How to Create Your Language Learning App Similar to Duolingo

Organizations are beginning to learn how to create a language learning app to meet the rising need for languages in the workforce. An enterprise can prioritize bilingual candidates because of their flexible language skills. There are two different groups of people interested in the language learning niche. Some people fall in the category of those that want to learn more languages to improve themselves, while others are monetizing the language niche by providing solutions to this rising need. This is why most organizations are beginning to learn how to create an app like Duolingo. Duolingo is the go-to app if you want to speak any or multiple languages fluently from scratch. Are you interested in learning how to monetize apps that help to learn languages? If you plan to turn your dream into a reality, keep reading to learn how to create an app like Duolingo.

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Efficient marketing and targeted audience are crucial for developing a language learning app. If the company’s goal is to look like Duolingo, your strategy should be quality and user-oriented. This means that the focus should be on offering top-notch service and meeting your user’s needs. Word of mouth and referrals are some of the essential marketing strategies of Duolingo. During our organizational call, our experts provide many services that guide you in choosing the right marketing strategy.

Must-have Features

It would be best to consider many factors when deciding to make your own language app similar to Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the outstanding e-learning language applications online. The non-negotiable features of Duolingo include:

Mobile Friendly Adaptations

Mobile Friendly Adaptations

Unlike most startups, Duolingo provides the added benefits of adapting to this modern generation’s latest trends and needs. The Duolingo app is mobile-friendly and can work on different Android and iOS. Users find it easy to navigate through its content.

Background Support

Background Support

Offering consistent underlying assistance to the users of the app helps to increase traffic to the company. The best way to keep your students interested is to provide tips and translation throughout the learning duration.

Socialization Environment

Socialization Environment

Socialization and effective communication are vital components of retaining vocabulary learning participants. Creating a friendly setting for the students to interact with one another would strengthen their relationship and increase traffic to the platform. Your organization can take it further by providing a unified account to link their social media account and share their progress with others.

Simplified Authorization

Simplified Authorization

Easy accessibility to the application of a non-negotiable feature for a top-notch platform. We live in an era of social media. Many students spend more time on platforms they can register or access through their social -networks. Having a one-click authorization linked to various social networks accounts is an added advantage.

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Consistent evaluation is an indispensable tool for the progress of language learners. The application must provide a frequent assessment to estimate and improve the proficiency of its users.

Task Reminder

Task Reminder

Most users multitask and combine learning with other day-to-day activities. Having a task reminder in your application can reduce the pile-up of to-do lists and undone assignments.


Acceptable Payment Options

The mode of payments should be accessible to all types of banking cards and payment options. This feature would ensure the free flow of the learning process without interruptions.


Constant Feedback

Constructive criticism and customer feedback are necessary for a company’s growth. If you plan to create an App Similar to Duolingo, having a customized feedback form in your app can be beneficial. The response from the user can be used to improve the platform and maximize productivity.

Specific Features

Many unique features made apps like Duolingo become one of the leading trends in their niche. Adding these special training application functions should be your priority if you are developing a language learning app. The features include:



Application Users generally love to be rewarded for exemplary efforts and hard work. A good language platform can use gamification to combine rewards and fun in one action. Ideas like trying to lead the league board or winning a juicy prize are enticing to students. They can improve their language skills without losing out on the entertainment part.

Diversified Content

Diversified Contents

Repeated content can be very tiresome, especially when it comes to language learning. One of the ways to keep your audience engaged consistently is to keep your content fresh and updated.

Flexible Authorization

Flexible Authorization

Authorization to access the app should be easy and linked to social media accounts if you plan to make your own language learning app similar to Duolingo.

Profile Completion

Profile Completion

Specific information from the users is needed to customize their learning structure. Your app needs to have a profile section that contains personal information, learning goals, intended study language, and language proficiency level.

background support

Online Assistance

A chatbot assistant can provide virtual help. Everyone can do so with extra support at one point, having a chatbot to turn to when needed, an added benefit to any platform.

Offline Access

Offline Access

Internet is a fundamental commodity in most countries. However, due to various security regulations, transport systems, or restrictions, especially during a commute, It would be more efficient if a language application offered offline features to learn without WIFI connections.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

The learning platform should have an intuitive, convenient interface consisting of all needed information about the study program. This is where students can monitor their goals, lessons, and tasks for the intended learning language.

Technical Aspects

Technical Aspects

Duolingo uses a combination of different technology stacks to run their app and website. WordPress is the primary management system for the Duolingo website. Python is the fundamental language for writing its backend, although recently, they upgraded to Scala. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, Swift, and Kotlin are examples of other backend languages used. The targeted native audience includes:

  • Web browser.
  • Mobile devices that use Windows 10.
  • Phones that use the Windows operating system.
  • Gadgets that use Android software.
  • Devices that use iOS.

The other components of the tech stack for Duolingo’s application include:

  • Math Jax
  • Ubuntu
  • Fastly
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • CloudFlare
  • Modernizr
  • Objective-C
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Amazon S3.

The tech stack we offer includes:

Front End

React is becoming the most preferred technology in the language learning niche. It is economical, time-saving, and mobile-friendly. React native is perfect for hybrid development because it has a multipurpose benefit. It works on both Android and iOS platforms. It is easier to use accessory features such as quizzes, text, chats, and videos on React Native.


Node.js, bundled with the NestJS framework, is most sufficient for startups and MVPs with growth as their priority. This technology offers rapid and effortless product implementation. Adjusting the development would be without stress due to its flexibility in modifications, perfect speed-flexibility ratio, and absence of overloading-related problems.


When selecting a database, prioritize personal data protection. If confidentiality is a main priority, consider utilizing a relational database. Although It might not be the fastest or most flexible, it boasts of added features such as data protection. An example of such a database is PostgreSQL. Non-relational databases like MongoDB are the best option for projects with speed and flexibility as their primary goals.

Cloud Support

We mainly use AWS, which is the most extensive cloud support system. It’s very startup-friendly and covers a wide range of products and services. For beginner projects, AWS proposes a loyalty program - through which you can get a one-year free subscription.

Development Phase

Development Phase

The development stage of creating the language learning app consists of :

  • Developing an application that is universally compatible with different Android and iOS. If you plan to build a language learning app similar to Duolingo, your app needs to be mobile-friendly and work with other Android and iOS.
  • Proper Backend development.
  • Application Publication.
  • Hiring a QA specialist to test and debug the app.

Challenges and Pitfalls

Let’s Talk About Challenges and Pitfalls

Online education has a lot of benefits compared to the traditional method of learning, but it comes with its challenges. It could get complicated because it is user-centered. The success of the whole learning experience depends on the student’s hard work, consistency and discipline. Listed below are the common problems faced by language learning companies and ways to love them:

Loss of Motivation

Studying online could get boring quickly, especially if the task and exercise are monotonous. Users can lose motivation if they don’t find the lesson structure interesting. The quick fix to this challenge is to make the lesson fun with many different games, tasks, and exercise that keeps the students engaged.

Linguistic Plateau

Learning can be fun at the beginning until you get used to all the constructions and game answers. Most people get stuck and plateau in their learning journey after doing the same monotonous exercise for an extended period. The solution is to add extra features such as grammar tips and different activities for each phase and stage of the application. Speech recognition programs can also help solve pronunciation plateaus.

Vocabulary Retention

Retaining new words is more accessible due to increased enthusiasm and zeal to learn, but most people have difficulty remembering many words after studying. This is more common in language platforms due to the high demand and quantity of words known daily. Creating frequent evaluations of the work reviewed can help to eliminate this problem.

Overcoming Communication Impediment

Fear of mistakes and embarrassment makes learners of a new language speak less with native speakers. This is a common problem with online language partakers. They are used to learning online compared to a traditional classroom where they talk with fellow students. Using advanced Virtual and augmented reality can increase dialogue among online platform users. AI-powered chatbots that can simulate live conversations can also improve the speaking confidence of language learners.

Cost to Develop a Language Learning App

The cost to develop a language learning app depends on a lot of factors such as design, quality, and goal. However, developing a language learning app similar to Duolingo can be capital intensive, but the result is worth it. Experience and premium quality services often come with a price. Using an MVP model is a more economical way to reduce the language learning app development cost of your project.


Check out our article How to Build a Minimum Viable Product Guide for 2022

The table below illustrates the rough estimate for building a language learning platform in various countries.

Country Full feature set ~1980—2450 MVP ~1045—1375 Average cost per hour
Eastern Europe( Ukraine) 59,400-73,500USD 31,350-41,250USD 30USD
UK 138,600-171,500USD 73,150-96,250USD 70USD
Western Europe( Germany) 128,700-159,250USD 67,925 -89,375USD 65USD
USA 158,400-196,000USD 83,600-110,000USD 80USD

Generally, it takes approximately 1000 hours to complete the development stage of a learning language application. The total cost incurred depends on the location and type of developer. It would cost you 35-56USD per hour to hire a developer from eastern Europe compared to American developers that charge approximately 150USD per hour for the same service. The kind of developer hired by a company can influence the total cost for the application’s development stage.

These figures are rough estimations and can change depending on your plan and goal for the language learning application. Some companies also increase their traffic by learning how to create an online education website like Udemy.

Using Duolingo as a standard, the factors that determine the cost to develop a language learning app include:



The designing stage of building a language learning app consists of:

UX Map and Research

The type of UI  idea and UX map intended for the design of the language learning app can influence the budget for the app. Selecting the right UX map is crucial because it determines how easy it would be to use the language learning application.

Screen Design

The cost of the application’s logo and screen interface can play a significant role in the final price of the app development. Selecting the right screen is vital due to the increased number of gadgets and iOS manufactured by electronic companies. It is important to remember that creating a mobile-friendly application that can work on different screen types, devices, and iOS is the goal of a good language learning application. It takes approximately 200 hours to finish the design stage. More than 40-50 hours are dedicated to choosing the right UX map and idea, while the remaining time is spent building the perfect screen for the application. The general budget for the design stage of creating a good language learning app similar to Duolingo is approximately 5000-7000 USD.

How Can Codempire Help You With a Language Learning Startup Idea?

Codempire can make the dream for your e-learning language app come alive with our trusted and proven methodology, advanced technology, and quality control of our products. We offer a unique LMS system and various tools that increase engagement for your users throughout their learning process.

Our services can adapt to whatever your e-learning language application needs. We can make it mobile and children-friendly by implementing unique qualification models into your e-learning language application. We can make your application a balance of learning and entertainment for your users.

The benefit of working with Codempire includes:

Unique personalized profile

Our services ensure that your user would have individual accounts that can perform different functions such a: profile information storage, character tracking, etc.


Kids are also interested in learning languages and can be motivated by exciting games and reward systems. Our experienced engineers are well equipped to include career simulators and gamification into the features of your language learning platform. We offer services that are beneficial for everyone regardless of their age group.

Live Games

Codempire developers have vast experience building multiplayer learning games played by 500 players per session and have also created games with the battle mode. This would help strengthen your language platform community.

Flexible Payment Plan

Flexible Payment Plan

The selective payment plan can be frustrating for users of language platforms. Codempire ensures that you have a flexible payment plan that works with all available payment options and cards.


As an experienced e-learning app development company, we are experts in making sound LMS systems that work with classic and customized programs. It is beneficial for traditional programs with courses and an earnings system or customized products with extended functionality.


Cloud-based LMS

You can enjoy the benefits of a flexible cloud system that adapts to the user’s quantity. It is fraud-proof and fortified against cyber attacks.

Diversified learning tools

Diversified learning tools

We can quickly implement learning resources and features such as consistent tutorials, engaging chats, and videos. They make learning more entertaining and exciting for its users.

Apps for Children

Apps for Children

We already have experience creating educational software for children - from more simple counting apps to more complex career ladder emulators. So we know what your little users need and how to implement it.

Sync with third-party resources

We offer additional services that allow you to add external resources such as translated videos and learning materials to your learning program. This enhances the speed of knowledge retention of students.

Reward System

We can design a goal rewarding system for your products. These benefits can be achieved through high ratings, milestone achievements, e.t.c.

Reward System and Career Simulation

Career Simulation

This is becoming the go-to software for learning, especially for kids. Our company has vast experience in creating career mimicking applications with advanced functionality.

Custom settings

A powerful admin panel that allows the teachers to control the gameplay to the smallest detail, as well as save its results with subsequent assessment and discussion in a unique chat.

User account

The built-in system of achievements makes it possible for the user to improve his character by buying an improvement for virtual currency.

Now, when you know all the numerous ways Codempire can help you launch an eLearning startup idea, don’t hesitate. Take action. Time is of the essence.


  • Creating an e-learning language app can be complicated if you don’t have a standard or reference point—this is why Duolingo is a good reference point for startups.
  • It is advisable to identify your competitors and how to be better than they. Working with a good language app developing company can help you become better than your competitors.
  • Knowing the numerous benefits of creating a language learning app similar to Duolingo.
  • Learning the main features of Duolingo and how to re-create them in your app. Focusing on creating good specific and must-have features for your app.
  • Understanding the cost of building a language learning app. American developers charge approximately 5 times per hour for the same service offered by developers from European countries.
  • Knowing how a company like Codempire can assist you with your language learning startup idea by providing unique services with added benefits such as gamification, LMS, personalized profile. They even offer services for minors.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Language Learning App?

The approximate cost of creating an educational application is 134,850USD -202,500USD. However, it isn't easy to calculate the total cost of a project without specific data because the price depends on several factors. For example, the scale, set of features, the complexity of the technology needed, e.t.c. The developers’ rate is also another factor to consider. Developers from Eastern Europe charge 35-56USD compared to Americans that charge approximately 150usd per hour for the same service. The good news is that our trained experts will give you an initial estimate and guide you until the completion of your application.

Are Language Learning Apps Profitable?

Yes, of course, they are very lucrative. Look around you and see how many people are currently learning and trying to learn new languages. According to research carried out by HolonIQ, the language market was worth 61 billion USD in 2019. It was projected to double in value to approximately 115 billion USD by 2025. Don't worry about how it will be developed. Your task is to come to us, and we will guide you on how to make a profit from your app.

How Do I Make an App Like Duolingo?

Worrying about how to create an app like Duolingo by yourself would yield no result. The best course of action is to hire a developing team with vast experience in developing similar applications. Don't look too far, contact us. We have a group of talented developers with extensive experience in creating applications identical to Duolingo.