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Project Key Facts

Industry: E Commerce, Marketplace, Laundry service

Team size: 4 engineers

Cooperation: May 2019 - June 2020

Platform: IOS, Android, Web


Web - React.js, TypeScript, Styled Component

Mobile - ReactNative, TypeScript

Backend - Node.js, Nest.js MongoDB, AWS

Check how it works:

About the Client

Our customer is a laundry service company in Qatar, Doha. They needed an online platform to more effectively develop the business and increase the customer base.

The Challenge

1. Lack of similar solutions in the region

At the time of the start of working with us, the client saw an advantage: there were no similar solutions in Qatar at that time. In fact, there were about 40 laundries in the region, but they did not have a provision for ordering services via the Internet, so customers were forced to independently deliver clothes and linen.

2. Payment system

Popular payment systems such as Stripe were not supported in this region. And the existing payment systems were difficult to integrate with the mobile SDK.

The Solution

E Commerce, Laundry project for Qatar based client | Codempire

1. Fullcicle development

We have developed an admin panel for the product owner that can manage the entire system:

  • edit the laundry profile (logo, description, opening hours, location);
  • edit, add, delete services (ironing, dry cleaning, washing);
  • change prices for services;
  • track orders;
  • make a refund.

A mobile application was developed for end-users, with the help of which you can find a laundry by location, get acquainted with reviews and types of services. And also place your order in 3 clicks. After that, the things are picked up by the courier and delivered back when ready (after about 2-3 days).

Also, our specialists have developed additional functions that enable the client to add several addresses (for example, home, office, etc.) and order services/delivery to any of them.

2. Payment system

To ensure payment processing, we took as a basis the current system, which is quite widespread and developed in the region, but was supported only on Web platforms. We modified it for the mobile SDK, thanks to which the client did not pay large fees to other payment systems, which allowed him to save money.

The Results


laundries use the product


more laundry orders


new clients in 3 months

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