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Project Key Facts

Industry: Lifestyle, Digital assets, Time capsule

Team Size: 4 engineers

Cooperation: 1 year

Platform: iOS, Android, Web


Mobile - ReactNative, TypeScript, Firebase

Web - React.js, TypeScript

Backend - Nest.js


About the Client

The idea of ​​this product belongs to an investor from Cyprus. Using experience working for such large-scale companies as Oracle and IBM, he is currently engaged in his new digital projects. This startup was one of them.

The Challenge

Our team created the project from scratch, including prototyping, business analysis, cloud storage, and databases. The idea was to create a digital capsule of memories.

The main challenges were:

  1. Create a time capsule in the form of video and photo materials with the ability to add a description and organize information. It was necessary to provide comfortable and reliable long-term cloud storage of memories.
  2. An admin system that would satisfy all users would allow sharing of materials. But at the same time, it should keep personal information secure.

The Solution

A ready-made product in the form of an application and a web version was the perfect solution to meet all the challenges. It includes the following functions:

Time capsule application

Our engineers have developed an application allowing users to create video and photo memories, organize them by topics, create a life story, and manage access to materials for other people.

The user can record a video, including a teleprompter.

You can also create and distribute materials in the form of questions and answers. The application has a list of suggested topics, or the user can create custom ones.

An executor feature

It implements the possibility of sharing recorded materials. The user can invite a candidate to be an executor via email. After receiving consent from the candidate, he gets access to the web version of the project. Here he can view and share memories. Links are available to any recipients without registration.

Safety and security

Digilooms provides an access mechanism, including the involvement of email, other contact data, and official documents to confirm access rights (for example, in the case of the owner’s death). The owner and the executor have different functionality, and only the owner can adjust the account. Links with memories can be activated and deactivated to control access to the time capsule.

Digilooms development team | Codempire

Digilooms mobile application

Digilooms web application

The Results

100 GB

of storage for your memories


years of support for your time capsule


savings compared to hiring local vendors

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