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Top 3 Education App Ideas for Your Startup in 2022

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The education system is constantly changing. Applications have revolutionized how students learn, from solving daily problems in school to interacting with teachers, learning through entertainment, and doing homework online. Moreover, the economic recession is only pushing the digitalization of the education field.

If you are about to develop an education application, you should consider these three simple yet money-making e-learning app ideas. Let’s dive into the world of digital knowledge!

What Does Statistics Say?

According to App Annie, an analytics company, people spend around 4.8 hours daily on mobile applications. It is also interesting that users spend enough money on mobile applications.

Statista says the most popular Google Play application categories in 2021 were games, business & finance, and education. 

So, let’s discuss the education market in numbers to give you some valuable insights into mobile app ideas for learning!

  1. 64% of students view learning materials through mobile gadgets.
  2. About 90% of respondents actively download Play Market and App Store programs.
  3. Smart device users are more efficient in acquiring knowledge and skills compared to people who do not use mobile gadgets.
  4. The Gallup American Institute of Public Opinion also conducted a survey in which more than 71% of people called the concept of e-learning more understandable and accessible than the traditional one.

When you better understand the current market situation, it’s time to overview some of the best educational app ideas for 2022.

Idea #1. Private Tutoring Application

Private Tutoring Application

Before going to statistics, let’s clarify what the tutor app is and how it differs from different learning programs. The idea of tutoring consists of structured learning activities that tutors have designed exclusively for classroom use. In many learning activities, tutoring goals are focused on improving student achievement.

Private tutoring is aimed at a small group of learners. In particular, teachers or tutors only need to serve a few persons for a given period, typically up to 5 students, for the concept of private tutoring. This way, the instructors could apply the teaching method individually to each student.

Market demand

Despite the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the economic sector worldwide, the online learning market is still rising. The global online tutoring market was valued at $6.57 billion in 2021 and is supposed to grow by 14.7% annually between 2022 and 2030. The rapid adoption of smartphones is an essential factor driving online tutoring services worldwide, as it allows teaching regardless of location.


The prosperous educational services cooperate with trusted teachers who communicate effectively online. Tutors are always willing to partner with such projects because it helps them earn fast and conveniently. This is mutually beneficial for both students and teachers. Thus, users enjoy a first-class experience that ensures platform owners’ desired results.


To give you some mobile app ideas for education, we prepare a brief overview of Preply, one of the best tutoring applications. The platform allows teachers to start working just after registration. They can set up their hourly rate and modify it anytime. Another feature is free webinars for tutors — they aim to improve professional skills and help teachers make their businesses prosperous.

Idea #2. Flashcard Application

 Flashcard Application

This is another learning aid helping learners to write down all the essential points of a topic in a particular subject. In addition, learners can create custom cards or access the built-in library to search for other users’ cards.

The main features include customizing cards with sound or images. It’s a good instrument for language learning, as pupils may use it as a dictionary app to remember the words. 

Market demand

Such a language learning app is a service built to help users become fluent in a new language. Here are some numbers showing that creating a flashcard application is a reasonable idea:

  1. 70% of British learners are about to study a new language;
  2. 92% of European students attend language courses;
  3. the digital language learning market is expected to reach $25 billion in 2025.


Globalization has dramatically impacted the necessity to learn new languages. Thus, people are looking for convenient online solutions to meet the insatiable demand for knowledge. Users prefer this method because it allows them to learn on the go.


One of the most popular flashcard apps is Quizlet. This service emulates paper flashcards. Once the user started, they were allowed to create cards on the topic of their choice. In addition to translating or explaining the word, customers can also add pictures. The product gives a wide range of options for learning cards. So, users may flip the cards or use games and fill-in-the-blank tests.

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Idea #3. Applications for Physically Disabled Children

Applications for Physically Disabled Children

By initiating a good cause, you can create a reliable service for disabled people to stand shoulder to shoulder with their regular peers in terms of education. The product simplifies disabled learners’ lives by training particular skills, allowing them to attend classes remotely or record lessons to study later. Besides, kids easily access tutors through audio or video chats.

Market demand

Many school pupils have learning disabilities ranging from dyslexia to autism. In the US, the National Center for Education Statistics states that in 2017-2018, about 34% of all kids who received special education services had some form of learning difficulty. Unfortunately, despite the fast development, the market is still insufficient with the products aimed at these learners. 


AI services are the main thing that improves special learners’ lives. Thus, voice assistants like Siri or Google Voice Access are a good idea for implementation. As they enable people with physical disabilities to use all their smartphones’ functionalities without struggling. Besides, facial recognition can replace CAPTCHAs which can be challenging to find for people with a visual impairment. Thus, implementing AI is among the best educational mobile app ideas. 

Here are some mobile applications ideas for people with disabilities and their purpose:

  1. services that encourage shy students to speak more often;
  2. image-based communication platforms for kids with communication disorders;
  3. tracking apps that help people organize tasks and help them with visual directions.


Many services help parents take better care of their children by helping to engage and empower them to enjoy a happier life. For instance, Tales2Go is an audiobook service that helps kids with reading problems. It offers a vast collection of stories and books for all ages with many great storytellers who bring tales to life.

Education App Features to Make Your App Outstanding

The market is full of e-learning applications. So, it’s not enough to make just a well-quality product. Let’s overview some of the most astonishing mobile learning app ideas to make your future project outstanding!



Gamification in education apps is a hot trend in 2022. Learning through play as game apps allow doing is exciting and fun. Here are just a few ideas for educational apps to make them up-to-date:

  1. Points

    It’s the fundamental element of gamification. However, people do love it! As points are an excellent encouragement for thoughtful students and a nice idea to implement.

  2. Leaderboards

    It’s one more motivational option that allows students to compete with each other and try to prove their best.

  3. Levels

    This feature stirs users’ interest in learning. The higher level, the more challenging tasks are.

One more fantastic gamification idea has Khan Academy. In addition to all the basic features, the platform offers its users a so-called Skill Tree. It visualizes the learning subjects like tree branches. Thus, people see their progress in their chosen field.



When AR/VR technologies meet education, it is a win-win situation. According to research, in more than 60% of cases, implementing immersive technologies in the learning process increases students’ attention and interest in the subject. Teachers see this technology as the best option for personalized, differentiated learning.

AR/VR creates an interactive environment that makes perceiving and remembering information easier. Once in an immersive environment, people clearly understand what they are learning and use knowledge in practice. Thus, it must be one of the excellent education app ideas to implement in your future project.



It is one of the ideas for educational apps that corresponds to “smartphone learning”. In a nutshell, it is a short and intense learning experience with small classes and fun videos. You may teach people anything: literature, different languages, philosophy, art, law. You can also help students prepare for exams or improve their general knowledge or professional qualifications. Just be brief: short videos, short articles, quizzes, and games. 

Live Streaming in Real-Time and On Demand

Live Streaming in Real-Time and On Demand

Live streaming is among other iOS or android educational app ideas. Adding audio and virtual presentations chapter by chapter will be helpful for any e-learning application to get more downloads, increase engagement and improve communication. Web, mobile, or TV apps allow students and teachers to interact just like they would in a classroom with real-time video streaming applications. Here the content is streamed live, and teachers connect to any number of students.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Having a stable internet connection can be challenging, especially in countries that are a bit behind in the internet spectrum. Thus, the application must offer an offline mode where students can download modules. This keeps them interested in your app and will visit it when needed to search for information offline. Each module they upload will give you information about how effective the educational service is and how users respond to each module. It also helps in updating the course and modifying the application.



The success of an educational application largely depends on the student’s individual experience. Nowadays, most applications offer personalization based on user convenience; however, you will soon see that educational apps have features such as personalized learning. Whether a reading app or a question and answer app, users need the opportunity to modify learning styles and methods.

The ever-evolving technological advances have seen tremendous growth since the announcement of the pandemic, and educational institutions have begun to look for options to mirror the classroom teaching experience. As the demand for educational applications grows, so makes the demand for advanced educational features to make learning more enjoyable, engaging, and interactive.

Integration with Social Networks

Integration with Social Networks

Maintaining a social network is a must when it comes to maximizing benefits. Whatever information or content on any subject or topic you upload to your project, you share the details on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms add a positive factor to motivate users to study.

You can even create a YouTube channel to upload tutorial videos or audio clips related to your educational product. Thus, you directly contact not only existing but also new users. This motivates users to engage more with your app to explore, further leading to growing your audience and promoting your service.

User Interface

User Interface

Last but not least is the user interface. Relatively often, developers don’t pay much attention to education app UI design. Provide your users with an attractive outlook. If you don’t, even the best functionality, excellent grammar tools, or superb functionality won’t save your educational android app ideas from failure. 

Codempire’s Experience in Creating an Educational App

Codempire’s Experience in Implementing Educational App Ideas

Our team has a wide experience in e-learning product development. One of the most prominent examples is an educational app for a Singapore-based company, Avid Adventures. The business works with various types of companies to help people better understand the carrier market in the 21st century and give them some motivation to develop themselves. 

Our task was to upgrade the existing application providing real-time play and getting the maximum benefit from implementing the product in an online event.

We have a limited amount of time. Therefore, the development team created a Progressive Web Application (PWA). To make the idea reality, we built elements of our WIT GRIT FIT framework into the product.

The finished game helps people worldwide navigate their future careers. Find out more here


With the implementation of digital technologies in education, there has been a paradigm shift. A new era of intelligent applications for e-learning and mobile learning is dawning. And these apps are expanding students’ knowledge base worldwide and closing gaps in knowledge.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of educational mobile application ideas. And even more, they are about to be created. We have overviewed just the most promising ones. When choosing the best fit for yourself, consider the possible monetization models. We recommend taking into account advertisement, freemium, subscription, or paid apps.

If you desire to use our ideas or come up with your own, Codempire, an e-learning app development company, will gladly help you with its realization! The best way is to start with the discovery phase. It is needed to clarify the idea and vision for the team, set business goals, collect business and technical requirements, provide you with a budget, plan the development process, and assess & prevent risks.


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How to find the best niches for online courses?

There are two keys to success. First, you should choose mobile learning app ideas that you’re a true pro. Secondly, it’s essential to conduct deep online market research to understand if your idea is valuable.

What are the key suggestions to improve mobile educational apps in 2022?

There are many ways to polish your product. First, you should research your target audience deeply to understand its needs. Then, depending on the results, you may add some advanced features to your project. It may be gamification, microteaching, or something else.

How to select an e-learning app development company?

You should consider many factors in selecting a reliable mobile development services partner. Here are the key ones: the technology stack the potential vendor works with, the portfolio of successful projects, customers review, and the presence or absence of a nondisclosure agreement.

What are the top sources of e-learning startup funds?

While developing an educational service, you should consider monetization models: advertisement, freemium, subscription, or paid apps.